This article is about the relationship between Worriz and Windra.


Worriz and Windra both come from the Wolf Tribe, and the tribe members always stick together and think as one, so they have had a lot of time together. Their relationship is an odd one. They are strong allies and comrades, but Windra doesn't really like Worriz very much. Worriz, on the other paw, has a huge crush on Windra and is constantly flirting with her. It is doubtful that they will ever have much of a friendship or be a couple, but Worriz still tries over and over.

Season 1

In the webisode "Wolf Speed Dating", Worriz tries to get a date with Windra. When he approaches her and asks her, she is vicious and cruel to him. Worriz then tricks her into going out to a field where he said there were Raven thieves, but he had actually set up a picnic for them. He is obviously willing to lie and cheat just to spend more time with Windra, but she never gives him any chances.

In other episodes, he shows some feelings for her, like when her Wolf Helicopter crashes and she is wounded. He calls out "Windra!" each time this happens, and sometimes comes to her aid (even though she seems ungrateful to him for being considerate).

Season 2

Since Worriz has to enter the Outlands and Windra stays with the pack, the two have no interactions in this season.

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