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Wora is one of the strongest and fastest wolves in her tribe. She is the daughter of Worriz and Windra and has her father's Alpha markings. She has a crush on Laval's son, Leon the Lion Prince. She is always there for her friends and her pack (especially Leon the Lion Prince). She fights with skill and strength in order to protect the other wolves. She doesn't like Worriz's hatred of Laval and the Lions due to the stolen Chi incident in the past; Wora also dislikes the fact that Worriz wants to wage war on all of the lions due to this hatred. She has an scar on her left eye, earned from a fight with one of the Crocodile warriors. She has a dark side, but hides it for her friends.


Wora was born on May 22 and had fun when she was a pup. She had an older Brother named WildClaw who was immature at most times but cared for her (though he could be scary when Leon was around). She lost her mother, Windra, at 4, and lived with her father until 15, when she left the Wolf Camp (where she lived with her Tribe and Pack), moving to the Lion Temple due to her relationship with Leon. She got a scar which controls her via the flashbacks and visions she gets of it; these make her evil, but she conceals this. Her many friends (listed below) help her as well. She has swag and can get carried away with it. Overall, it can be difficult to tell whether she is a good wolf or a bad wolf.


  • Worriz: Father
  • Windra: Mother (deceased)
  • Winzar: Uncle
  • WildClaw: Brother, friend
  • Leon: Mate, friend
  • Laval: Father-in-Law, friend
  • Ravea: Friend
  • Equila: Friend
  • Eris: Friend
  • Li'Ella: Friend
  • Furty: Friend


  • Her favorite things are howling, playing, her armor and weapons, her family, Leon (especially), the Lion Tribe, play fighting, and dancing.
  • She hates Crozar the Croc prince, Sir Fangar (most of the time), being bullied because of her scar, failure, Scorpions, Spiders, and losing her family.
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