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Slight me once, I dare you! When you return home, your fields will be burnt and the land salted. None are above the Cyndicate.
— Wonderfang to Longtooth

Wonderfang Fangros, Beastmaster of the Cyndicate and First Eternus Baron, Greatest Under Heaven.


One of Cyndicate's numerous Eternus suppliers, Wonderfang was born in New Cavora, and was personally inducted into the Cyndicate after Cynderklaw saved him from a fight that broke out in the Golden Goose Brothel, one of the numerous brothels owned and operated by the Cyndicate. Wonderfang was originally one of the many sentries used during Eternus running operations to escape the local authorities. Wonderfang slowly rose through the ranks becoming an Eternus runner and eventually being promoted into the Cyndicate's Head Beastmaster, a role that allowed him to control more than 80% of the Eternus supply in New Cavora, which eventually led to him acquire the title of First Eternus Baron, Greatest Under Heaven.


  • Underfang - Younger Sister

Property Holdings

Fangros Manor

A manor constructed by Wonderfang after becoming the head beastmaster.

The Wolf Pit

A battle arena built in the slums of New Cavora to scout new talent for the Cyndicate.

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