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Wonald is a young pup of the Wolf Tribe. He is considered an outcast in his tribe, as he is a vegetarian and appears very nice, but nevertheless remains a member.


Attack On Eagle Spire

Wanold attacks Eris when both her and Laval go to the wolf camp trying to find out what all the howling was for the night Razar stole the mother tooth. he's easily apprehended due to his kind nature making him not that much of a fighter, insulting Eris that she's lucky that because of it he was left at the camp with the rest of his pack gone to the Eagle Spire.

The Hundred Year Moon

He appeared with the rest of his tribe. Wonald (affected by the moon) found G'Loona, who told him that she knew where more bananas are. He takes them both to the Gorilla's hideout, where Laval, Eris, and Skinnet were. When Wonald ran out of bananas, he ate any fruit he could find.

Fire Dreaming

Wanold and G'loona fan all over Laval and Cragger on their journey to the Outlands.


  • In some of the concept art for the Wolves, Wonald is depicted with red marks on his fur and a red dot on his forehead and labeled as a "free thinker", indicative of his more enlightened and unique mindset amongst his tribe.


Episode Appearances

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