The Wolf Tribe is one of the tribes in Chima. They are allied with the Crocodile Tribe and the Raven Tribe, although some are neutral (one of whom, Wonald, is friends with Furty, G'Loona and Skinnet). Unlike most tribes, the wolves have a very loose hierarchy due to the strong bonds between them - Worriz's position as "leader" is essentially for the benefit of their allies alone, as he is the Wolf Tribe's best spokesman. Wolves are also known for their great skill as hunters and their love of battle; most of their number bear scars as the result of previous engagements. Their main strength is their coordination - members of the Wolf Tribe can function seamlessly enough to make others think that they share one mind.


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Compared to other tribes, the wolves have relatively little technology, but the vehicles they have displayed are mainly designed for all-terrain ground combat and pursuit of enemies. Their colors are usually grey and white, and the Chi in their vehicles is red (like the Chi of the other villainous tribes).


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