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The Vulture Tribe is one of the three Ice Hunter Tribes released in the summer of 2014. They are allied with the Mammoth Tribe and Saber Tooth Tribe to conquer and freeze Chima.




  • Oddly, while the other two Ice Hunter tribes are extinct animals in real life, vultures aren't; currently, this has not been explained.
  • However, these vultures are more likely the extinct bird, Teratornis.
  • Chima symbol 4!
    During season 3, the Vulture Tribe was a member of the "ice tribes" or "Hunters", and its members had the symbol shown left on their vehicles and clothes.
    They are the flying units of the Ice Hunters, although they seem to have lost some flight capability as a result of their sedentary lifestyle and zombified, frozen state.
  • Despite having gray wings in the sets, they're instead depicted with black wings in the TV series.
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