Tormak is a warrior of the Tiger Tribe and a former member of the Tunnel Cats.


Tormak is the most powerful and trusted advisor to King Fluminox of the Phoenix. Fluminox consults with him on everything, from running the hidden city to dealing with his son, Flinx. Tormak knows all the secrets of the Phoenix, and while he is very serious, he does have a sense of humor. He cares very much for his adopted daughter, Li'Ella, and making sure she is okay is the most important thing in his life. Tormak is extremely loyal to Fluminox and the Phoenix. He helps Fluminox to understand things like laughter and other concepts that are foreign to the king.[1] The Ice Hunter Fangar captured Li'ella and held her for ransom. Following the capture of his daughter, Tormak betrayed Flumiox by exchanging the Artifact for his daughter. The Artifact was endowed with the power to protect itself, and when Tormak took it out of Phoenix territory, it vanished in a ball of flame and badly burned Tormak, turning him into a "panther" and a fugitive.


Tormak is an orange and white tiger with black stripes, and wears a special fire armor.

After the events of The Artifact his fur was burned and became black and dark blue, but later was restored to his original appearance.


  • Tormak's head uses the same mold as Li'Ella and Lundor.
  • According to Tormak, he is at least a thousand years old and has memories from before Mount Cavora was formed.


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