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“Trust me, your majesty, protecting the ones we love, is never cause for regret.”
— Tormak to Fluminox

Tormak is the leader and a warrior of the Tiger Tribe and a former member of the Tunnel Cats.


Tormak is the most powerful and trusted advisor to King Fluminox of the Phoenix. Fluminox consults with him on everything, from running the hidden city to dealing with his son, Flinx. Tormak knows all the secrets of the Phoenix, and while he is very serious, he does have a sense of humor. He cares very much for his adopted daughter, Li'Ella, and making sure she is okay is the most important thing in his life. Tormak is extremely loyal to Fluminox and the Phoenix. He helps Fluminox to understand things like laughter and other concepts that are foreign to the king.[1] The Ice Hunter Fangar captured Li'Ella and held her for ransom. Following the capture of his daughter, Tormak betrayed Flumiox by exchanging the Artifact for his daughter. The Artifact was endowed with the power to protect itself, and when Tormak took it out of Phoenix territory, it vanished in a ball of flame and badly burned Tormak, turning him into a "panther" and a fugitive.

Physical Description

Tormak is an orange and white tiger with black stripes and a grey beard. He wears a special gold and red fire armor, belts and a skirt.

After the events of The Artifact, his fur was burned and became black and dark blue, his clothing was changed as well to two straps connectiong the CHI placement, and knee pads. He was restored to his original appearancein The Heart of Cavora.


Trial By Fire

This is Tormak's debut episode. He is present when Eris, Laval, and Cragger arrive at the Phoenix Temple. Tormak convinces Fluminox to allow Laval and Cragger to take the Trial by Fire, and later says they had great spirit and would (probably) make them proud. In the third test, Tormak explains that they never betray friends, to which Fluminox adds "and you never shall, Tormak". (This might be a foreshadowing of Tormak's betrayal in The Artifact.)

The Crescent

Eris goes to the Phoenix Temple to inform Fluminox that all the tribes of Chima need Fire CHI, although Fluminox refuses. Tormak once again steps in for the ground-borns and convinces Fluminox to give the tribes of Chima a chance to prove their trust to him.

After the main 8 heroes passed Fluminox' test, the Phoenix Temple appears on the crescent. There, Tormak warns Laval to stay back, before he meets Li'Ella. Tormak then again knocks Laval down as he notices the lion's interest in his daughter, and tells Fluminox he just wants to protect her.

Fired Up!

Tormak is present when Fluminox asks Laval and his friends to "hang-out" with Flinx for a while.

Cool and Collected

Tormak returns to the Crescent with Fluminox and the Phoenix to inform the heroes about the tunnels. When Eris shares her panthar vision, Tormak notes that this "creature" is not known to them. Fluminox reveals Tormak's past as a Tunnel Cat, the only warrior left. Tormak's time in the caves left him attuned to them, and now he senses the Hunters run free in them again.

The Snowball Effect

As Eris comes to Fluminox and Tormak, concerned about her visions, Tormak explains that her visions come from all over, the past and the future. Laval comes in saying he's taking Li'Ella on a tour of the Lion City, and Tormak wonders what was that about.

Later, in the middle of Sir Fangar and the Sabertooths' attack on the Lion Temple, Tormak comes to the rescue, fiercely fighting the whole sabertooth tribe on his own, and then gives fire CHI to the lion soldiers in the place. After the fight ends, Laval, Flinx and Li'Ella enter on the Lion Legend Beast. Li'Ella runs to her father and asks if everything is okay and supports him. She tells the story of the Tunnel Cats: "In the ancient battles, Tormak led a team of special cave fighter called the Tunnel Cats , they were the toughest warriors in all of ancient Chima. The ones who chased the Hunters through their treacherous caverns, that's where he saved me. After the Hunters burned my village, the most savage battles of old took place in those caves. The Tunnel Cats triumphed but at great cost, Tormak, my dad, it the only one left. The last Tunnel Cat." Tormak leaves as he says that he came to protect Li'Ella, and now she's safe, so he returns to the phoenix.

The King Thing

With the Lion City being under attack again, Li'Ella runs to tell Fluminox and Tormak, but Tormak claims that they can't help the groundborns with every little problem, but Li'Ella argues that it's more than a little problem, and reminds her father that he is a groundborn too, and so they fly off to help the lions. When Fluminox doubts it again, Tormak convinces him it "won't hurt to fly over and take a look".

Getting to the city, Tormak goes to close the tunnels with his special bombs and tells Li'Ella to stay in the bastion. Unfortunately, Li'Ella doesn't listen and go to help in the lion city, and Sir Fangar captures her.

A Very Slippery Slope

Tormak joins the heroes to save everyone captured by Sir Fangar, including Li'Ella, claiming Sir Fangar will feel the rage of a father, and his misery will echo across the ages. 

After they free everyone, Li'Ella is nowhere to be found. Rushing again to the trophy room, Laval and Tormak find Flinx unleashing his "spark". The two grab Flinx and run out of the mountain. The Ice Mountain ends up falling into the archway. Tormak shows deep concern for his daughter, looking down to try and spot her, but Flinx tells them that she wasn't there- but getting ready to a wedding to Sir Fangar.

The Artifact

All of Chima looks for Li'Ella. Drowning in grief, Tormak searches the map of Chima looking for Li'Ella. Fluminox tells him "we share your pain", adding that their journey together is a long one, and Tormak feels it too. Retelling the Story Before the Great Story, he shows Tormak he knows how he feels, and calls him his savior, healer, and friend.

Frustrated and furious, Tormak decides to look in the Hunter's tunnels. There, Sir Fangar finds and blackmails him- asking for the Artifact in exchange for Li'Ella.

Tormak considers this offer. Looking at her double-headed axe reminds him how he rescued and raised Li'Ella. All of his memories drive him to tears. Looking at the drawing she made of the two, Tormak finally decides to steal the Artifact, as he can't bear the thought that he'll never see Li'Ella again.

After meeting with Sir Fangar and rethinking, Tormak backs up from his decision, but looking at the drawing Li'Ella made of him and her again, he runs after the Hunters, willing to do whatever it takes to get his daughter back.

Fluminox tries to change Tormak's mind as he goes to give the Artifact to the Hunters, but Tormak says that's for Li'Ella and that he has no choice. When the artifact explodes, Tormak becomes the panther from Eris' visions as he's burned, but so is the drawing of him and Li'Ella.

Tormak rushes to get Li'Ella but sees that Sir Fangar tricked him. Laval and Eris follow him, but then the Flying Phoenix Fire Temple starts chasing him. He runs away to the Outlands ashamed, Li'Ella still on his mind.

The Phoenix has Landed

Tormak is now in the Outlands, protected by the Artifact's energy from the Predator Plants. He speaks out his situation. Lost and by himself, he only wanted to save his daughter, but is now hunted by both the Phoenix and the Hunters.

A Spark of Hope

Tormak is shown again in the Outlands, clutching his chest tightly as he's in pain. At the end of the episode, Tormak lets the energy of the Artifact out, with a great CHI-up that is visible all the way up to Mount Cavora.

Wings of Fire

Tormak is found in the Outlands by Li'Ella, Laval, Cragger, Eris and Lavertus. Li'Ella wants to help her father, but he refuses and claims he needs to help them. Tormak then CHIs-up, revealing the map to the Fire Wing Harnesses. Lavertus quickly copies the map, and Tormak explains that when the Artifact exploded, it burned itself into his essence. In the first Fire Wings location beneath the Eagle Spire, Tormak activates the Phoenix' system with the power of the Artifact. After Eris succeded in earning the Fire Wings, Tormak mentions he sensed something different and deeper about her. The heroes then split up to find the Fire Wings, Li'Ella rides with Tormak, saying that she'll never let him out of her sight again.

The Heart of Cavora

Laval and Cragger meet up with Tormak and Li'Ella in the Rhino Quarry, where Tormak unleashes the power of the Artifact and breaks the Rhinos' unbreakable stone, to reveal the seventh Fire Wings. Cragger invites them to meet together with Eris, but Tormak denies, claiming they have something else they must take care of.

Later it is revealed that Tormak and Li'Ella fixed the Flaming Bastion, as they come to assist the 8 heroes to get to Mount Cavora, clearing the sky full of vultures for them. The Great Illumination occurs and heals all of Chima, and Tormak return to his tiger appearance. Now he knows Li'Ella can live in peace in Chima, and so can he.


  • Tormak's head uses the same mold as Li'Ella and Lundor.
  • According to Tormak, he is at least a thousand years old and has memories from before Mount Cavora was formed.
  • Tormak has his own theme called "The Tale of Tormak" in the Legends of Chima Soundtrack Vol. 2.
  • Tormak's forehead stripes and beard are missing in his tiger minifigure form.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, no one is tougher than Tormak.
  • Spinlyn called Tormak handsome in A Very Slippery Slope.


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