The Vault is an online service where players can redeem codes. If players enter their codes in The Vault, they will be able to trade their points in for digital rewards like exclusive wallpapers, behind the scenes art, exclusive game items,[1] ringtones, movies, television series bloopers, and more.

Obtaining Points

There are currently 3 methods to obtain points.

  • One can search for Chi at the Chima Site.
  • One can play the LEGO Speedorz Game.
  • One can buy LEGO Chima Products. These products contain a code which people can use to redeem in The Vault.

In early 2013, there was a competition running where people had to search on different sites. On those sites, 15 codes were hidden, ready for one to search. When found, they had to enter the code on the Chima Vault Page. 2 of those codes gave together 900 points, the 13 other codes gave a reward. The competition ended on 30 April 2013.

Entering Codes

In the first case where people have to search for Chi on the Chima Site, their points are automatically added. However, by the other 2 cases, they will receive a code. That code needs to be redeemed on the Chima Vault Page. When the code is accepted, they will receive a notification with the number of points they have won and/or the number of rewards they have received.