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The Great Story
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Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date January 16, 2013
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Peder Pedersen
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The Legend of Chima The Warrior Within

The Great Story is the second episode in the Legends of Chima series and the second episode in Season 1.


The episode opens with Cragger sadly looking at his new crown. Crug and Crawley try to cheer him up, but to no avail, as he believes his parents are dead. Crooler, Cragger's sister, then appears with a purplish flower. Cragger states that he doesn't want to declare war on the Lion Tribe, but Crooler claims that the flower will cheer him up if he sniffs it. After taking a deep breath, Cragger's eyes glow red and he commands the crocs to attack the Lion Temple and "avenge" his parents.

The next scene opens with Laval and Lagravis walking down along the temple steps. Lagravis then proceeds to tell the Great Story to Laval, who complains that it is boring. Lagravis ignores him and continues the story: A very long time ago, animals used to walk on all fours. Then, the land was blessed with CHI, causing Mount Cavora to rise from the ground and supply liquid CHI to the land. The animals that drank it became what they are now (minifigures). However, some animals did not drink the CHI and preferred to stay pure. They disappeared from the land forever, and some even doubt they exist. As the story ends, Lagravis starts handing out CHI to the different tribes, however, he doesn't know where Cragger is. Then, the golden CHI is revealed. Each of the animals' Speedorz show up, and Lagravis announces that they must joust for the golden CHI. Laval ends up being the winner, even after Worriz uses unauthorized weapons against him. As Laval unseats Worriz, Worriz plunges into a thorn bush and half his fur is shaved off, humiliating him terribly. Just as Laval is about to be awarded with the golden CHI, Cragger shows up, demanding that he joust Laval. Laval refuses, as the rules state that if anyone is late, they will be disqualified. Cragger then says that he'll find someone who will, then charges Eris, threatening death, and says he loves chicken wings(Despite Eris being a Eagle). Laval is irate and hops on his Speedor, pursuing Cragger, who leads him to the falling forest. After having a duel (which Cragger wins), Eris and Gorzan show up and stop Cragger from finishing Laval off. Cragger then runs off to get help from the wolves in destroying the lions. After several Pack Trackers approach the Croc Swamp Hideout, Worriz makes a deal with Cragger to band together to destroy the lions. Cragger then states the Ravens are helping too, as they had been persuaded with the "Trinkets and Treasure" of the croc tribe, where the scene cuts to showing Razar telling his troops about the deal.

Then, the scene shifts to the battle scene from the first part and goes up to where Laval recognized Cragger. Laval asks why Cragger then attacks Laval and the two fight until Cragger grabs Laval and throws him in the water, remarked that he was always a bad swimmer. Laval calls for help but Cragger refuses and leaves him to drown.

The scene cuts back to the battle, where Lagravis summons the Eagles and Gorillas by a powerful Sonic Roar. They soon show up in the fight, but the Crocodiles, Ravens, and Wolves still dominate. Then, the scene cuts to Laval, floating in the river. A mysterious hand grabs his cloak and rescues him. He soon coughs up water and discovers himself in the presence of a The Lion Beast

The scene then cuts to Cragger approaching Crooler and asking her how the battle was going. She replies that it's going well and asks if he took care of Laval. By then, the evil flower was wearing off and Cragger begins to realize that he did something terrible. However, as he was about to go back and save him, she sprays him with the flower again, and he cackles maliciously.

Laval shows up riding the Legend Lion, and the battle freezes as everyone looks in shock and awe. Cragger, getting a few more whiffs of the evil flower, uses a CHI orb and charges the beast. The beast calmly lifts a hand and swipes at Cragger, sending him flying rapidly into the wall and losing his CHI. Cragger then attacks Laval, who had taken a CHI orb and put it in his chest. Cragger is easily defeated and given 10 seconds to make his troops leave the field. The episode ends with Cragger's forces retreating and the Lion Legend Beast walking into the distance.


Errors & Goofs

  • When Laval plugs in CHI for the first time and punches Cragger, the people in the background are standing and watching. But when Laval and Cragger jump in the air to attack each other, the people in the background seem to be fighting again. This fighting reverts back to watching when Laval and Cragger return to the ground.


  • This is Plovar's first appearance in the series.