The Fangs is the name of a location in Chima.


The Fangs are a large group of spiky rock formations in Chima. The ground there is very unstable, so sinkholes and canyons are common. There is an odd green fog in the sinkholes and in other areas of the Fangs.


Lagravis taught Laval how to ride a speedor in the Fangs, so Laval knows all the paths well.

In the first episode of the Animated SeriesCragger sends up a Croc flare near the Fangs, then drives his speedor into them to try to escape Laval. He almost falls into a sinkhole but is saved by Laval. Soon after, Crocs and Lions respond to the flare and bring their armies and tanks to war in the Fangs. A battle ensues and Cragger's parents fall into a canyon called the Gorge of Eternal Depth.

In the Warrior Within, Laval comes to the Fangs to drop Chi into the Gorge, and is pushed in by Cragger. Luckily, Eris saves him and they go to the other side of the Gorge.

In a webisode, Lagravis takes Laval on a ride in the Fangs and they talk about the past.

While delivering Chi a few months later, Eris and Laval get stuck in a windstorm and crash their jet in the Fangs. Their Chi falls onto a ledge in the Gorge and Laval retrieves it, nearly falling into the Gorge himself.

When Laval goes into exile, he tries to be alone by coming to the Fangs, but he runs into Skinnet, Plovar, and even Shadow Wind there, and gets the Pledge of the Pack back with Outlands sap.

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