Spiral Mountain is a large rock formation in Chima.


Spiral Mountain is a large rock formation/mountain that has a spiral shaped road winding all the way up its sides. It was most likely carved out by one of the tribes. At the top is a wonderful view. It is revealed that Skinnet resides on this mountain.

In The Joyride, Laval and Eris ride a Lion tank up the mountain and watch the sunset.

The video game Laval's Journey , has a level in which Laval journeys to Spiral Mountain and finds Cragger and a machine with many chi orbs in it at once. They battle and the machine explodes, scattering chi droplets across all of Chima.


Spiral Mountain is located to the southeast of the Lion Temple. It is fairly close, about halfway between Mount Cavora and the Crocodile Swamp. In the Joy Ride, it is shown that Spiral Mountain is very close to minor landmarks such as the Shadow Hills, Shredder Basin, and Everglow Falls.

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