A smashable when highlighted by the cursor

Smashables are structures that can be smashed by a Minifigure's weapon. They appear quite common throughout every world, even Outposts.

Smashables can be highlighted by the cursor, and then be destroyed via the Minifigure's weapon if the player clicks the mouse When smashables are destroyed, they drop studs, and sometimes Life. They don't respawn an amount of time after destruction unlike TT Games titles; they only reappear when all Minifigures leave the world.

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Treasure Chests

Smashables can range from plants to trees to rocks, and come in many sizes, trees the biggest and plants and small rocks the smallest. The type of smashable depends on the theme of the world they are located in. Treasure Chests offer the most loot out of any other type of Smashable.

Persuader Plants are a smashable item that feature heavily in the storyline.