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Sibress is a female member of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe. She is the princess of the hunters.

Physical Appearance

Sibress is a female Saber-Tooth Tiger. She has a coat of grey fur and, like all other Saber tooths, has white hands, her left leg and right arm are made from ice, as well as her CHI-harness. Her eyes are light blue. There are a few extensions of fur printed on her cheek-area. And a long point of hair dyed a lighter color (but on her underhead, her bangs a light blue much like her eyes) over the left side of her head. Her snout is black and her head is printed in what appears to be a cruel smile, exposing her white teeth and silver fangs. Some parts of her non-ice leg have exposed frozen flesh in a lavender color.


Should someone remove the chest-plate from the Sibress minifigure, he or she would see that the front and back of her torso piece is printed with what appears to be bronze clothing, which consists of a sort of top, supported by two "ropes" connected to a copper holder adorned with chains on her back. Her top continues going down over her stomach, leaving the sides exposed. On her lower stomach area, are moldy dark grey "mummy wraps" with a small fur decoration in the back. It is unknown why these wraps are here, it could be part of traditional saber tooth clothing. Or that Sibress was being mummified when the Ice Hunters were frozen.

Sibress's legs are printed with what seems to be an ornate bronze bikini bottom or loincloth that is clearly connected to her torso clothing somewhere underneath her wraps. Despite her skimpy main leggings. More of Sibress's legs are covered by old chains from a hidden holder underneath her loincloth. These chains are fashioned in a system that resembles typical Sabertooth leggings. She also has a belt with more bronze decals and a matching belt buckle which may also play a role in keeping her clothing together.


Within the world of the Chima franchise, nothing is known of Sibress as she never had a role in the TV show, nor had a bio on the Chima website. However, it is believed that she is either Sir Fangar's sister or wife. She also appears to be skilled with blasters, as her weapon in 70224 Tiger's Mobile Command is an ice gun.



  • Her name is a play on "princess".
  • She is the only know female Saber-Tooth Tiger.
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