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“If you want to rule Chima, Cynderklaw, we must make a few sacrifices.”
— Sea Shadow

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Sea Shadow is a male Saber-tooth that works for Cynderklaw due to his unique abilities.


Sea Shadow's real name was Spiros until he joined Cynderklaw's army. At this time, all the Hunters and Pirates were united to become WaterClan (WaterClan opposed the Cyndicate), and Sir Fangar could use Water Chi. Spiros was a warrior. Unlike the other WaterClan members, Spiros could also control water inside life forms. No Tribe or Clan knew how Spiros obtained this ability. As a result, other WaterClan members wanted to get rid of Spiros, so he ran away from his Clan and stayed outside of wars for nearly six years. Eventually, Cynderklaw thought Spiros could be a useful soldier for the Cyndicate, so Cynderklaw used Spiros and labeled Spiros with the name of "Sea Shadow" because Spiros was from WaterClan. Because Spiros joined the Cyndicate, WaterClan and FireClan (the Phoenix and their allies) decided to fight against the Cyndicate, leaving ThunderClan and NatureClan neutral.

Because of his peculiar abilities and his physical appearance, the Phoenix and WaterClan labeled Sea Shadow as "Blood Master". His abilities also restricted the ability to use the Fury Element. He ran away to the Outlands to avoid being hunted by the Chimian Clans and lived on his own until he met Cynderklaw.


As Spiros, he was a confident Warrior, but he had to keep his powerful secret. When he ran away and joined Cynderklaw, he was a violent and deluded soldier and fought anything that stood in his way. WaterClan viewed Sea Shadow as deluded because they thought Sea Shadow could see unexplainable visions.


Sea Shadow resembled a black Saber-tooth Warrior that had grey hair, long claws, blue and deep red eyes, and crimson markings on his shoulders. Unlike the rest of WaterClan, he did not wear scale armor and instead wore leather slings, a full grey Chi harness and silver bracers with a spiral design.


Sea Shadow can use Water Chi, control water, and manipulate the liquids inside life forms, but he cannot use the Fury Element. He has a long leather whip that he calls "Stinger" because it has a bladed tip and a smaller blade on the handle that he can use as a knife.