Yeah, stinky road. Heh heh heh.
— Runk

Runk is a member of the Rhino Tribe prone to frequently mocking things or attempting to make bad jokes (often when prompted by his good friend Rukus).


Runk and Rukus appear together along with Rogon in The Warrior Within. While walking down the road, they encounter Gorzan and his road blockade flower protection effort. They are forced to go around.

Later, when Lagravis visits the Rhinos in Joy Ride, Runk becomes mad at Lagravis for breaking up his play-fight, explaining that he only fights when he's happy.

Runk appears in the Dismal Bog's dungeon as one half of Rukus and Runk, with the two guarding Reegull's cage due to having been employed to do so by the Crocs. Runk carries a blaster called the Rock Lobber.


Runk has a dark grey horn that is apparently a nailed on replacement for a lost horn. He wears a blue kilt, but lacks the large black belt of most other Rhinos.

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