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Rumble Bear

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Personal Information
Name Rumble Bear
Other Name(s) Bear mech
Owner(s) Bladvic and other members of the Bear Tribe
Vehicle Type Mech
Built By Bear Tribe
Status Intacted
First Episode The Heart of Cavora
First Product 70225 Bladvic's Rumble Bear

Rumble Bears Also known as the Bear Mechs. are Mechs used by the Bear Tribe.


The Bear Mechs are used by the Bear Tribe. These Mechs were never used aside from the last episode which is the episode 41 The Heart of Cavora. At the battle at the Lion Temple the Tribes had reinforcements that turned the tide of the battle. Maula considers they surrender, but then at that moment Sir Fangar had a idea to reawaken the Ice Bear Tribe as they love a good fight, so he instead orders the Vultures to use CHI to awaken the Ice Bear Tribe from their dreamless sleep like the rest of the Ice Hunters. When the Ice Bears were reawaken the Bears could feel it when they were sleeping, Bladvic and the rest of his Tribe awoken from their sleep and set out to fight the Ice Bears, with their Mechs and “Put them to bed“. When the Ice Bears arrived at the Lion Temple the started wreaking havoc and almost defeated the tribes in battle, and turned the tide of the battle in favor of the Ice Hunters. The Bear Tribe soon arrived at the Lion Temple and attacked the Ice Bears and their Mechs with rage that the Ice Bears disturbed their sleep. The Bears ultimately defeated the Ice Bears with seemingly ease, and was about to finish them off. Until Eris called out to Bladvic and the other tribe leaders to gather as they launched the illumination. As the illumination was complete, the Ice Bears and the rest of the Ice Hunters were cured. It is unknown when the Bears built or got these Mechs, Bladvic tells Cragger, and Laval that they always had these Mechs but were too tired to use the mechs.



None of the other tribes knew that the Bears had any mechs, before the Ice Bears woke up. Even through the whole outland war against the Scorpions, Spiders and Bats, the Bears never once brought out their powerful machines. Built for strength and hard knocks, these machines truly pack a punch.


  • The Rumble Bears in the show have obvious differences to their respective set. The most obvious being:
    • The position of the wheels: the show depicts one wheel through the center and one on each shoulder, the set depicts all three coming through the center.
    • The legs of the mech: in the show they have much more articulation than the stationary legs in the set.
    • Coloring of the body: in the show it has a prominently red coloring, whilst the set incorporates more brown throughout the mech.
    • The windshield from the show is also absent in the set.