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“Banana on a crocodile's tail. That's funny... HAHAHAHA... I don't get it.”
— Rogon

Rogon is a member of the Rhino Tribe and little brother of Rinona.



Super-strong Rogon loves his rocks and isn't too smart. He hasn't even noticed that Eris has a crush on him! But when he's near the Rhino Legend Beast he's suddenly full of brilliant ideas...that vanish when he moves away!


Rogon was first seen playing hide and seek with Laval, Worriz, Skinnet, Eris, and Cragger. He was later seen in the speedor tournament jousting against Bladvic and Laval. He along with the rest of the Rhino Tribe are strong but are not very smart. They make a big deal in rocks and consider rocks to be important. In episode 10, it is revealed he has a crush on Eris. He is almost killed by Worriz in the same episode but is awakened by Eris' kiss. When he leaves for the outlands in Into the Outlands, he brings his truck and says it's full of essentials. The "essentials" are all of Rogon's rocks. In A Tangled Web, it's shown that when a Rhino is within a certain distance of the Rhinoceros Legend they become super intelligent. Using rocks he builds a giant abacus to do calculations with. He also reveals that it wasn't an auto pilot (a rock with a "pretty face" drawn on it) driving his Rock Flinger, but the Rhino Rinona. Eris becomes jealous when she hears that Rinona is his "Special Friend". She becomes more jealous and worried when Rogon says that a friend is special for a unique affection or attachment to a subject. At Lavertus' base, he's back to his old self which Eris likes. Rinona agrees with her as well.

Physical Description

Rogon is a rhino with grey wrinkled skin, his horn has a crack patched with band aids, and scars all over his body.


  • Rogon's Bio briefly contradicts the TV Series, claiming he is unaware of Eris' supposed affection for him.
  • Despite not being affected by the Rhino beast at the time, he, along with two other Rhinos invented the snowboard, hockey, and the halfpipe.
  • His name is possibly a play on the word rogue.


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