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Rock Flinger

Rock Flinger.png

Personal Information
Name Rock Flinger
Owner(s) Rogon
Vehicle Type All-Terrain Tank
Built By Rhino Tribe
Abilities/Used For Loud & Fast
First Episode Into the Outlands

Stealthy, this vehicle is not. Rogon’s Rock Flinger is a big, lumbering behemoth of an all-terrain battle tank that rolls across the landscape like an unstoppable avalanche of destruction, and then shifts to pursuit mode for a CHI-powered burst of stampeding speed. Whatever doesn’t get out of its way, it smashes…and anything too tough for its horns gets crushed to dust by the rocks hurled from its tail-mounted boulder catapult.


  • Like a lot of sets in the show, the Rock Flinger is a lot bigger than it's set, this is best seen in Episode 21 and 23.