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Personal Information
Name Roarcycle
Other Name(s) Super-Speedor
Owner(s) Lavertus
Vehicle Type Land
Built By Lavertus
Abilities/Used For Loud & Fast
First Product 70134 Lavertus' Outland Base

Some say that it’s better to be seen than heard, but Lavertus prefers the opposite tactic. His custom-built Roarcycle is so smooth and low-to-the-ground that enemies hardly ever see it coming…but they certainly hear the deafening lion-like roar of its engine as it approaches! Usually the sound is enough to send spiders and scorpions scurrying in primal fear, but for the ones too brave or slow to flee, the ‘cycle also packs a couple of CHI-powered cannons just in case.


  • Despite being called the roarcycle in most promontional material, Lavertus repeatedly and consistently refers to it as a "Super-Speedor".
  • As revealed in episode 23, the Roarcycle was scavanged from Lavertus' original Speedor, the Darkor Defendor.
  • The Roarcycle made an appearance in Episode 40, with Lavertus using it to help locate the Fire Wings.