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Ha, no one can catch Ripnik, Chima's greatest thief
— Ripnik

Ripnik is a member of the Raven Tribe. He is a master thief, and only appears in the TV Series.


Attack on Eagle Spire

Ripnik was seen stealing the Mother Tooth from the Wolves, and later from the Crocs. Laval and Eris caught him, however, and told him to give back the Mother Tooth, and stop the fight between the Wolves, the Lions, and the Eagles. Ripnik was reluctant, but did as he was told.

Ravens vs. Eagles

Ripnik was seen stealing and later selling the stolen Eagle merchandise.


  • Ripnik lacks the area needed to insert an orb of Chi, indicating he either keeps his harness with him separately, doesn't plug in Chi, or merely devours it with his mouth.
  • Ripnik is easily one of the most cold-hearted and callous beings in Chima, being perfectly fine with indirectly massacring countless Wolves and Eagles by allowing the Crocodiles to destroy Eagle Spire, and likewise only being convinced to do otherwise for reasons related only to profit and logic. Likewise, unlike Crooler, Reegull, Scorm, Fangar, and other antagonists, he does not receive any real punishment for his actions
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