Rhino Insignia
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The Rhino tribe is one of the twelve tribes of Chima, and out of all of them, are definitely the strongest, so don't mess with them.  They treat rocks as if they're alive, and are strong enough that they can break them with their horns in one hit. Despite their strength, they are the least smart tribe and rarely get involved in conflicts. However, it is shown that they can fight, like in episode 19 and 20 of the TV Series, where they allied with the Wolves, Ravens, and Crocodiles. Their entire world revolves around rocks. They use Chi to break them and try to sell them on market days, often calling out about limited supplies. They are also known to fight there friends. At first Lagravis thought they were arguing, but found out that the Rhinoes do not fight when they're angry, but when they're happy!

Known Members

Game Character


  • Rhinoes become extremely smart when they are near to the Rhino legend beast.
  • During season 1, Rhinos as a tribe weren't clearly either on the side of the "good tribes" or "Defenders of the Chi temple" nor on the side of "villain tribes" or "Rebels", until the episodes 19 and 20, where they joined the second group.
  • Chima symbol 5!
    During season 3, the Rhino Tribe was a member of the tribes allied with the Phoenix (or "Fire Tribes"), and its members had the symbol shown left on their vehicles and clothes.
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