Reunion Gone Wrong
Reunion Gone Wrong.png
Season 1, Episode 16
Vital statistics
Air date October 24, 2013
Written by John Derevlany
Directed by Peder Pedersen
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Reunion Gone Wrong is the sixteenth episode in the Legends of Chima series and the sixteenth episode of Season 1.


All the tribes in Chima are signing a treaty to never fight again....but Crooler is against it. When the animals arrive at the Forever Rock, Crooler throws a Persuader Plant root in the fire and creates the Fog of Destiny. They all fall into a dream where they are all Chi'd up, and they all find their own "destiny"; Cragger's "destiny", to rule all of Chima, then causes Cragger to punch Laval out of the Fog, causing Laval to wake up. After a couple of misguided attempts to free his friends from the Fog, Laval decides to instead steal an Orb of Golden Chi, allowing him to create a mountain under his friends, forcefully knocking them out of the Fog of Destiny. Although this gets Laval's friends out of the Fog, Lagravis reminds Laval that the penalty for stealing the Golden Chi is exile; Lagravis tries to soften the penalty, but Laval, who has seen his "destiny" as a true leader who leads by example, shoulders the full penalty of exile. Meanwhile, upon arriving back at the Crocodile Tribe, Cragger has Crooler incarcerated so that he can have Chima for himself.



  • Crooler learned about the Persuader Plant's other powers in the previous episode.


  • Even though the fog is called the "Fog of Destiny", it only seems to show one's true desire, not destiny.
  • Of all of the characters who entered the fog, Eris and Worriz were the only ones whose "destiny" was never revealed.
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