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The Raven Tribe is one of the twelve animal warrior tribes inhabiting Chima. During the first season, they were allies of the Wolf Tribe and the Crocodile Tribe. The Raven Tribe is known primarily as a tribe of thieves and unscrupulous inventors, only caring about making maximum profit at the expense of others. Their underhanded tactics and flight capabilities make them rivals of the Eagle Tribe.

With a few exceptions, Raven technology is usually cobbled together from the items and vehicles they steal from the other tribes. To their credit, said technology usually works quite well, as it allowed them to stay competitive in the war for Chi. Their general strategies involve disorienting their victims with hit-and-run tactics and disruptive gadgets before moving in for the attack/steal.

Like most of the "evil" tribes in Chima, the Raven Tribe's Chi energy is usually red. The tribe itself is mainly associated with black and purple, and many of its members have prosthetic limbs or other cybernetic implants.

Razar accompanied the other heroes to Outlands in season 2 of the TV series and received an updated Minifigure in the summer of 2014 during the conflict with the Ice Hunters, what happened to the rest of the tribe is currently unknown.


Game Character


The Ravens are only interested in profit and frugality. They will bribe tribes, then steal items from them and sell them to other animal tribes and the original owners. They will usually talk about thievery and profit.


  • Chima symbol 6!
    During season 1, the Raven Tribe was a member of the "villain tribes" or "Rebels", and its members had the symbol shown left on their vehicles and buildings.
  • Chima symbol 5!
    During season 3, the Raven Tribe was a member of the tribes allied with the Phoenix (or "Fire Tribes"), and its members had the symbol shown left on their vehicles and clothes.
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