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The Velociraptors (Raptors for short) were the Founders of the Clan of the Wind (ThunderClan) and were the first to use Thunder Chi. Their rivals were the Krakens, Dragons, and Tortoises. The Raptors were also at war with these rivals, a war that wound up breaking Chima into four. After the war, the Raptor Primal Beast, the ThunderBeast, hibernated in the highest peaks of Chima, discovered and reawakened later by the Falcons and Cheetahs of ThunderClan. Like all ThunderClan Tribes, Raptors can create electricity, control wind, and can move at high speeds for a short amount of time. Raptors have yellow or silver feathers, deep blue stripes, pointed snouts, yellow eyes, and a long feathery tail.

Known Members

  • Rylan: Leader
  • Rowenna: Warrior
  • Riko: Warrior