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The Pledge of the Pack was a document that stated that the wolves had to serve the crocodiles.


Years ago, the Wolves fought each other to become the tribe's alpha male, when King Crominus saved them by showing them how to fight as one. As a token of their gratitude, the Wolves signed the Pledge of the Pack, which would force them to serve the Crocodile Tribe as long as it existed.


Crooler later obtained it and made a deal with Worriz that she would go behind Cragger's back and threw the Pledge into the Gorge of Eternal Depth in exchange for the Wolves helping her disrupt the Speedorz race and steal all the Chi. from the Sacred Pool of Chi in the Lion Chi Temple.

Crominus found the Pledge in the Gorge and he and Crunket wrote "make us proud, miracle baby." on it and gave it to ShadoWind in the Outlands.

Laval in Exile

Shadow Wind gave it to Laval covered in strange goo that makes Skinnet go nuts and he brought it to Cragger, who let him and Lagravis go in exchange for the hope that his parents may escape the Gorge.

Chima Falls

Cragger later used the Pledge to force the Wolves to help them attack the Lion Temple.