Player Slang is an unofficial term for any language used in a video game that is not usually spoken in real life. Player slang may have a large role in LEGO Legends of Chima Online, as the Chat Filter is highly restrictive due to a large whitelist. Player slang differs between servers and players, and as a result, new terms are constantly coined.


Drops are items found on enemies after they have been defeated, or when smashables are destroyed. They can be anything from power-ups to equipment, bricks, Chi and/or currency. Rare items are usually the most prized.


Farming, also known as grinding, is player slang for the action of constantly and repeatedly smashing enemies to gain items or currency. When farming, players usually find a "base" or "camp", any spot where there are many enemies (usually away from other players), and continue to battle there until they have found the item(s) or amount of money they were looking for. Players can farm anywhere that there are enemies in-game, and usually go to places where the best loot comes from.

Other Important Terms

  • Spam - A message to everyone or a series of nonsense messages, which are considered in poor taste.
  • NPC - "Non-player Character", any Minifigure in the game not controlled by another player, such as Laval.
  • lag - A term for the loss in FPS, or frames per second, that causes the game to be skippy and choppy.
  • AFK - "Away From Keyboard", the player will not be active and won't respond.
  • BRB - "Be Right Back", the player will be temporarily unavailable.
  • BBL - "Be Back Later", the player will leave and return later.
  • CYA - A common alternate spelling of "See You Around"
  • SYS or SYA - "See you soon" or "See you around"
  • GTG - "Got To Go", the player must leave.
  • IMO or IMHO - "In My Opinion" or "In My Honest/Humble Opinion"
  • Owned/owning/ownage/pwnd/pwned - complete and utter victory.
  • LOL - "Laugh Out Loud"
  • ROFL (Or ROTFL) - "Rolling On The Floor, Lauging"
  • ATM - "At The Moment"
  • Dced - "Disconnected"
  • NVM - Never Mind
  • OoB - Out of Bounds. Sometimes called Infinite Plains. Refers to any area that is not in the normal path. (i.e. underneath a world or on top of structures)