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The Dolphin, Shark, and Otter Tribes were the greatest enemies of Fluminox, also known as the Pirates. They knew the only weakness of the Phoenix, which was Water Chi. Water Chi is an ocean blue in color and feels cold and damp to the touch. The Pirates harnessed the Water Chi to fuse into powerful weapons, strong enough to penetrate Fire Chi armor and weapons. Before the age of the Hunters, the Pirates fought the Phoenix and their allies for several years.

Hunter and Pirate

After a recent fight of the Hunters against the Phoenix, the Hunters were very upset, losing, and headed towards Chima's bay. Sir Fangar noticed a large wooden ship sailing across the ocean, crashing onto a large rock. Sir Fangar then inspected the broken ship and noticed a large supply of Water Chi. Then, the Dolphin Leader Delphi approached Sir Fangar, wanting the Hunters to ally with the Pirates. Due to both clans wanting to defeat the Phoenix, Sir Fangar agreed and decided to use the Water Chi to have a second chance overcoming the Phoenix.