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This article is fan-made and is not to be considered official except in regard to certain other fan works.

The Penguin Tribe is a tribe that resides in Chima. The penguins are fun-loving, carefree, and are considered a pacifistic tribe; preferring to play rather than fight. Penguins are always black and white in appearance, with either yellow or orange feet and/or beaks along with blue eyes. They have little white talons on their webbed feet. Penguins are the tribe that would join a Speedorz race just to have fun, rather than just to win. To them, having fun and enjoying life is what it means to be a penguin. They are skilled swimmers and are known to never fight with other tribes.

Known Members

  • Piña (Queen)
  • Pierre (King)
  • Pep (Son of Piña & Pierre)
  • Philip
  • Peony
  • Prager
  • Pom-Pom


The Penguin Tribe has no known allies since they don't take sides in wars.


Anyone who attacks their snowy home (such as the Saber Tooth Tribe, for example). However, other than that, they don't have any enemies.

Known Weapons

The Penguin Tribe has no known weapons they use to fight with. However, they do create Sno-Cannons that are capable of shooting what are essentially just giant snowballs.

Known Vehicles

  • Subzero Submarines
  • Chi-powered Snowmobiles
  • Ice Toboggans
  • Speedorz


  • The Penguin Tribe has no known Legend Beast.
  • The Ice Hunter Tribes had attempted to take over the penguins at least once. However, the penguins had fiercely defended their territory with astounding success.
  • The Penguin Tribe made adjustments to their Speedorz to ride better through thick snow and on slippery ice.