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The message shown when another player is entering one's outpost

An Outpost is a player's home. Buildings can be built here for various purposes, such as constructing abilities. Players can visit each others' Outposts as long as the other player is on their Friends List.

Players can also add Buildings to their Outpost. The buildings built on a property start at Level 1 and can be upgraded up to Level 5 for studs. The higher the level, the better the building will work.

Upon leveling up, players can expand their Outposts. New areas on the player's Outpost can be bought with Gold Bricks. The portal on their Outpost will have a notification when they can expand.


Normal Expansions

The player can expand their outpost upon leveling up 2 levels each time.

Expansion at level 3 costs 2 Gold Bricks.
Expansion at level 5 costs 11 Gold Bricks.
Expansion at level 7 costs 15 Gold Bricks.
Expansion at level 9 costs ?? Gold Bricks.
Expansion at level 11 costs 22 Gold Bricks
Expansion at level 13 costs 27 Gold Bricks
Expansion at level 15 costs 34 Gold Bricks

Membership Expansions

The membership expansions (those that only members can buy) can be bought at any level. There are 6 membership-only expansions, three of which cost studs and three of which cost Gold Bricks. The stud expansions cost 16000, 48000, and 120000 studs, while the Gold Brick expansions cost 10, 20, and 40 Gold Bricks.

External Links

  • Properties, home-like places similar to Outposts that were included in Chima's predecessor, LEGO Universe.