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The Outlands is a location outside of Chima, it was the main setting of season two of the TV series and referenced multiple times beforehand.


Long ago, when animals harnessed Chi for the first time, some didn't want to use it. Those animals who did use Chi gradually became smarter, more advanced, and more capable. Those who didn't remained in the same, walking on all fours, and unevolved from their natural state. These animals went to the Outlands never to be seen again. Legend says that when Chima needs them most, the Legend Beasts will return.

The only known inhabitants of the Outlands are the Legend Beasts, as well as the Dark Tribes (Spiders, Bats, Scorpions). It is also known that the Ice Hunters live somewhere in the region. Eight teenaged animals (Laval, Cragger, Eris, Gorzan, Worriz, Bladvic, Rhogon, Razar) lived there temporarily when uniting to battle the Dark Tribes and saving the Legend Beasts from capture.

Later, Reagull is banished into the Outlands by Laval and Cragger for giving them fake Chi.

Skinnet says he has gone out into the Outlands lots of time, and it isn't so bad thanks to his smell. ShadoWind also gives Laval the Pledge of the Pack, which somehow made it out of the Gorge of Eternal Depth and covered with sap from a plant in the Outlands that makes Skinnet go nuts.

Lavertus is banished to the Outlands for "stealing Chi", which was a crime set up by Crominus. Later, he returns to Chima under the alias ShadoWind and wins many Speedorz races.


Not much known about the Outlands. But it is a green, foggy swamp with wild plants. There is also a network of caves in the Outlands, set up by the Dark Tribes and connected to the Gorge of Eternal Depth.


The Outlands houses multiple tribes, as of episode 26, most were presumed dead, this was disproven in Episode 27, where multiple soldiers of each tribe were seen fighting the Ice Hunters.


The Outlands houses many notable areas, including:


  • Lavertus AKA ShadoWind is known to have lived in the Outlands.
  • The Outlands are the only area that the Ice Hunters could not freeze while trying to conquer Chima
  • Despite being hailed as having poison ground, the effect is never shown within the TV series.
  • The Ice Hunters came from the Outlands, this was shown in episode 26.
  • The Ice Hunters had a temple in the Outlands once, this temple was swallowed by the gorge of Eternal Depth.