Mungus make the hurting now! Happy happy!
— Mungus

Mungus is a member of the Mammoth Tribe, and appeared in the summer 2014 sets. He is the son of Maula and the brother of Mottrot.


Mungus is the biggest and strongest warrior in the Ice Hunter tribes, easily twice the size of anyone else. He’s so big that it took three CHI orbs to wake him up from his frozen sleep. Mungus can flip over a Rhino tank without even trying hard and defeat a troop of Lions all by himself. He is actually a lovable sort but not very bright, and can’t do much of anything unless his mother, Maula, tells him how to do it. He’s sweet, friendly, and happy all the time – unless Maula tells him to attack something, in which case he charges forward and crushes it flat.[1]


  • Mungus is the first non-licensed LEGO Big-Fig (a posable figure that is larger than a minifig) since the Trolls of the Castle theme in 2008.
  • Mungus, oddly, has a very high-pitched voice in the TV series.
  • It was revealed in Episode 32 that Mungus is Mottrot's little brother.
  • His name is short for and a play on 'humongous'.
  • Mungus had a friendly relationship with the Rhino Tribe (notably Rogon), until they denied him at some point in Season 3.



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