Mount Cavora is a landform central of Chima. Carved into it are rock carvings of eight out of the twelve animal tribes. It is the main source of Chi in the land. Its waterfall flows into the Lion Chi Temple, as the pool in the Temple has minerals in it which create the orbs of Chi, and the waterfall is made of Chi.[1]


Mount Cavora, according to the Lion Tribe's version of The Great Story, was born with  "A Spark from above, and an earthquake below." This made the moutain rise out of the ground, with the rock carvings already in place. After this, the thousand years of peace brought nothing new. However, following the appearance of the Black Cloud, a chain sequence of events was set off. First, the waterfalls dried up, caused by the Spiders and Bats as part of a plot to remove all Chi from Chima. However, the falls were restored by the Legend Beasts. When the Ice Hunters arrived the falls froze, however, hope remains, for deep inside Mount Cavora, The Phoenix tribe, lost to legend but tied with the beginnings of Mount Cavora, is stirring again.

Mount Cavora's backstory has been expanded upon in the recent episodes, with the Phoenix Tribe and an event called 'the great illumination' being used to stop the Ice Hunters. After the Lion Tribe and others had been created, the Phoenix carved the heads into Mount Cavora in honor of the new tribes.


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