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“I am the oldest and strongest! I should be Queen!”
— Malta
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Princess Malta was the eldest daughter of Queen Matilda of the Mosquito Tribe. In addition to being the oldest, biggest, and strongest of her sisters, Malta was also very violent and not very smart.


Malta lived with her sisters Mildred and Myra and lived in a world beyond the Outlands with Queen Matilda of the Mosquito Tribe. Not much is known of this Tribe. One tragic night, Queen Matilda passed away without telling any of her daughters who was going to be the next Queen in line. Since Princess Malta was the oldest, she assumed she was queen. As a result, a conflict raged on between the sisters. The conflict grew worse as the three sisters declared war on each other. Not much is known about this war, and which sister was allied with which other tribes.

Malta met her end during the Battle of New Cavora after meeting the assassin Shadowgust on the battlefield during the Shade Wars.


Malta was very aggressive and violent and could kill anybody who opposed her, even if her sisters were in her way. Despite being very violent, she collected items she found in wars between other Tribes and made a collection of the "trophies" she picked up. She was also not very smart or strategic; she would lash out at almost everything that stood in her way.


Malta appeared as a muscular, deep violet anthropomorphic Mosquito with an antenna that was cut off in battle. Her face was covered in battle scars, and she wore heavy dull grey scale armor. She wore a dull grey metal helmet and a heavy metal Chi harness. She had crimson eyes and two sets of large, wedge-shaped wings. One of Malta's wings was torn in a war.

Additional Information

  • Malta is based on the Dragon Princess Burn from Tui T. Sutherland's Wings of Fire series.