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“I have created...DARK CHI! MWAHAHAHA~”
— Ravaarrk
“I have overseen the creation of the first Hybrids.”
— Lt. Lightwing



Ravaarrk was hatched 287 years ago with what might be considered either a blessing or a curse: he was, for all intents and purposes, immortal. Wounds would still hinder him, but he could never die, as he always returned from death. He was a genius throughout his life, and, during his time as a Raven Accountant, Ravaarrk found a scroll that would allow him to separate Light from Dark in Chi. With this knowledge, he attempted to create the Dark Chi...


Ravaarrk eventually succeeded in creating the Dark Chi, which he used to help his avian allies, and developed a group of cultists before he was banished (along with those cultists who refused to renounce him). He built up his forces again in the Outlands, but the Dark Chi had taken its toll. He was degenerating into a primal being and was a decreipt and insane old bird...


Barabus found him in the Outlands and created a life support mecha out of scraps, a mecha that Ravaarrk quickly weaponised. He, along with his crew of followers and outlaws, later repaid his debt by joining the Cyndicate (not knowing that Barabus's involvement was accidental). Later on, Ravaark volunteered for hybridisation. Using fossilised Vulture and Pheonix DNA, he[clarify] restored Ravaarrk's DNA code, resulting in the healing of his condition.[clarify]


Ravaarrk's personality is hard to define on the page, as it would surface for merely a fleeting moment of its dominance before it falls back into a swirling vortex of fighting personas.

After becoming Lt. Lightwing, he became focused as his true personality shined through. His personality leaves much to be desired in empathy. He is a sociopath who could dissect his family without feeling a thing, then use their entrails as Christmas decorations. But his family is long dead, one of the key factors that drove his Ravaarrk side insane. His loyalty to Barabus is absolute, and Lightwing would easily sacrifice his own life just to be convenient to Barabus. Unlike Barabus, Ravaarrk has no moral standards, so Barabus often doesn't realize just how evil Lightwing really is.


As Ravaarrk, he was a basic black raven with a silver beak. He later wore a purple mask and a scrap mecha suit with a shield and missile claw.

As Hybrid Ravaarrk, he looked much the same, but with red, gold and orange wing highlights, a silver streak in his hair and silvery wings.

As Lightwing/Darkwing, he wears a bodysuit and tinted helmet, with both being either white or black. If both are white, they grant him increased reflexes, speed and agility, as well as allows him to fire energy blasts. In its black form—which represents Lightwing shrivelling back into his decrepit mental state—his strength and defence increases, and he can control antimatter.

Weapons and Gear

Nothing but the aforementioned suit currently. Subject to change.