Lothar is a member of the Lion Tribe.


Lothar is an elder of the Lion Tribe. His job is to collect chi from the pool at the Lion Temple. He is seen collecting chi while Lagravis tells the Great Story, and is present at some Chi Day speedor races. He helps lead the Lion Tribe with his fellow elders and the king.

Lothar is also a character in Legends of Chima Online, in which he plays a more major role. He gives missions, help, and advice to players. He has much to tell, being old and very wise. In fact, he teaches people how to use the backpack and shows them buildings and their uses.


Lothar has grey hair and a beard. His robes are long and blue and resemble the traditional robes of all the lion elders. He has a scroll tucked into his sash and sports a golden chain with red jewels. In the game, however, he wears no armor or clothing on his chest, showing many scars from battles long ago.


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