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Longtooth is a seasoned veteran warrior of the Lion Tribe. Despite his old age, Longtooth continues to take part in combat and is a close guard to Lagravis, being trusted to accompany missions and guard the Golden CHI at Speedor tournaments. Longtooth has a lot of experience in the past, and uses it to improve his battling in the front lines, though he constantly experiences the pains of old age.

Physical Appearance

Longtooth has light brown fur that covers his legs, torso and head. His muzzle, hands and chest are white. Longtooth has a dark blue kilt, with gold markings. Longtooth has a polished belt, in which he can plug CHI into his waist. He has a dark blue helmet piece to offer protection, along with a dark brown mane. Longtooth has pronounced fangs that are true to his name, and is also characterised by his deep scars to the chest and face from previous battles.


Longtooth is an older foot soldier who refused to join the other elders as a tribal leader. He claims he loves the "action" of the frontlines too much to leave it. The truth is: he loves TALKING about the action a lot more than actually pursuing it. He has way too many aches and pains to be a great hero, but he can be counted on for some fierce fighting... as long as his back doesn't give out in the process.[1]

(From Legends of Chima: Character Encyclopedia)

Battle-scarred Longtooth has taken part in countless skirmishes during his many years as a soldier (as he will happily tell anyone who will listen). He still likes to be in the middle of the action, but unfortunately his best fighting years are behind him. One place Longtooth is still swift as he was in his youth? Racing along his trusty Speedor, of course! Scarred by the fierce battle of his younger years, Longtooth looks like a force to be reckoned with. In reality, though, his worse enemies are his aches, pains and a back that could go at any moment!


The Legend of Chima

Longtooth is present in Laval's Age of Becoming ceremony, and later fights the Crocodiles and Wolves that invade the city.

After time skips backwards, Longtooth guards as Cragger and his parents came to talk with Lagravis and Laval.

Later on, Longtooth, along with Lagravis and Leonidas, stops Cragger from stealing CHI, but Cragger knocks them down and runs away.

The Great Story

Longtooth is present in the monthly Speedorz Race, and reminds Lagravis when it's the time to reveal the Golden CHI, although he doesn't carry it.

The episode skips forward, there Longtooth and Lagravis fight back to back against wolves and crocodiles, fighting for Chima, until the Lion Legend Beast shows up.

The Warrior Within

Longtooth is guarding the CHI while other tribes come to take their share of it.

Near the end of the episode, Longtooth comes along with the rest of the Lions and Eagles to help Laval.

The Joyride

Longtooth goes on a peace trip with Lagravis and Leonidas to the Rhino Tribe. One the way he claims they should have brought the tanks, but Lagravis wants to make sure the Rhinos know that it's a peaceful visit.

Longtooth sees a rhino use CHI to break a rock and claims that it's the "worst use of CHI ever", but Lagravis reminds him it's not their place to judge.

All the visit Lagravis, Longtooth and Leonidas are confused by the rhinos' behavior, but suddenly they hear the emergency roar. The wolves chase the group and attacks them, and a couple of wolves catch Longtooth and send him into a tree.

At the end, Longtooth and Leonidas see Lagravis' new repaired, winged tank, and Longtooth's chin falls upon seeing the transformation.

Market Day

The time for the monthly Speedorz Race has come and Laval hasn't showed up for the practice round, so Lagravis asks Longtooth and Leonidas to go look for him. At last they find him with his newly painted speedor.

All of a sudden, the Golden CHI falls off its place. Longtooth investigates it, claiming it's not the Golden CHI, and Leonidas explains that it's a rock painted gold.

Attack on Eagle Spire

Longtooth finds out through a telescope that the Wolves are attacking the Eagles with a floating plant that explodes, and then Laval's emergency roar was heard.

Longtooth flies with the Ravens along with the other Lions to help the Eagles in the Eagle Spire, but they are quickly trapped in a wolf ambush, and Longtooth is put against Wakz. Later on, the battle ends with the Wolves getting the Mother Tooth.

The Hundred Year Moon

Longtooth guards the bridge to the Lion City as Eglor and Eris tell Lagravis and Laval about the Hundred Year Moon. Later when the moon rises, Longtooth commands to lock the gates.

The Biggest Race Ever

Longtooth notices a fast rider in the distance and tells Leonidas, who asks if he is racing today, and suddenly Lagravis coughs and signals them to bring the Golden CHI.

Later to start the race, Leonidas shoots a ball into the air and Longtooth fires an arrow to blow up the ball.

Gorillas Gone Wild

The lions sail off into the Crocodile Swamp, and Longtooth drives a small boat and wears a life jacket. Later on he joins Lagravis' boat. After losing the crocodiles behind them, Longtooth states that they may not know their own swamp as well as they think, unfortunately they're then surrounded by the crocodiles.

Everyone cheers after the Lions, Eagles and Gorillas defeated the Crocodiles, and Longtooth is seen cheering among the crowd.


It's the monthly Speedorz race, Longtooth takes out the Golden CHI with Leonidas, and later the two start off the Speedorz race. Once the race is over and the crowd is fighting among itself, Lagravis commands Longtooth to gather every lion warrior to stop the crowd before they destroy everything. With no luck, the lions retreat to the temple and lock it down.

Crocodile Tears

Laval is troubled that the Crocodiles are trapped at the wolves' and want to free them, much to his father's disapproval, but Longtooth tell Laval to "have good luck with that", gaining an angry face from Lagravis. Laval returns to them after the rescue and tell them about it.

Fake Chi, Real Trouble

Longtooth participates in a CHI delivery with Laval and other lion warriors, but they get ambushed by the wolves and lose half of their CHI, but Longtooth enjoyed watching them run off. Later on, Longtooth gets prepared in the Lion forte as the wolves approach the city, but gets confused as the wolves start acting like chickens.

Ravens VS Eagles

Longtooth and Lagravis stand at the Lion Temple's stairs and watch Laval and the gang goof with their Speedorz.

Reunion Gone Wrong

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Laval in Exile

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The Black Cloud

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For Chima!

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  • Best Friends: Lennox and Leonidas.
  • Fighting Style:
  • Hobbies: Hanging out with the other warriors.
  • Alignment: Good.
  • Personality: Mature when fighting, otherwise playful.
  • Likes: The excitement of the front lines.
  • Dislikes: Being too old.


  • Longtooth is named in the first episode of the series.
  • Longtooth is one of the two who move the Golden CHI. This is best seen in episodes five and eight.
  • In his Outlands biography picture, he is depicted holding a Wolf Tribe weapon, specifically the one wielded by Wakz. This is likely due to both of them being included in the same set.
  • It's heavily implied that the Tribal Elders are the Lions seen in blue robes if one cross-references Longtooth's Bio with the TV Series.
  • It is unknown how Longtooth got his scars on his chest and eye.
  • In Attack on Eagle Spire, Longtooth is seen fighting against Wakz like they were included in the same set- 70113 CHI Battles.
  • Longtooth accidentally talks in Lagravis' voice in The Hundred Year Moon when saying: "moon's rising, lock down the fort".
  • Weirdly, his mini figure depicts him having the same colored eyes, but in the TV series, one eye is orange and the other is white.

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