PuffoPutting Out FiresPyroar
PyroxQueen CrunketRa'Kayla
Rabbit TribeRacing to Beat the CrocRack and Ruin
RanzakRaptor TribeRaven Gate
Raven Legend BeastRaven TownRaven Tribe
Raven VeteranRavens vs. EaglesRawzom
RazarRazar: King Of ProfitRazcal
ReabaitReduced Two TearsReegull
Relationships ListReunion Gone WrongRevue
RhigorRhino BikeRhino Gate
Rhino QuarryRhino RoutRhino Tribe
Rhinoceros Legend BeastRhinockRinona
Road to RuinsRoarburnRoarcycle
Rock FlingerRock of AgesRogon
RokoRoyal ShieldRubble Yell
RukusRukus and RunkRunk
RylanSaber-Tooth Tiger TribeSacred Pool of Chi
Sanctuary ForestSaraniScale Ripper
ScolderScorched LandsScorm
Scorm's Terra TankScorpion CavesScorpion Tribe
Scorpions HQScorticaScraps
Sea ShadowSealife TribeSeason 4 (Picklehazard1)
SeoraSeora's Sea StalkerShado Valious
ShadowgustShark TribeShasta
Shasta's Shark-DiverShavalaShedding Tears
Shop Before You ChopShoulder ArmorShreekor 375
SibressSir FangarSir Fangar's Ice Fortress
Sir KicksalotSir PunchalotSirox
SmashablesSmashedSmugglers' Den
Snake Kingdom ProphecySnake TribeSoldiers
Some Assembly RequiredSparaconSparratus
SpeedorzSpider TribeSpindle
SpinlixusSpinlynSpiral Mountain
SplankyStarlight GroveStealthor
StenchvineStone GiantStorm Tribes
StrainorStud CollectorSub Marines
Suit YourselfSupply and RemandSurprised Visitors
Sweet SixteenSykorTBA Cragger LED Light
TBA Worriz LED LightTake It to the Next LevelTaking Inventory
Tax CollectorTears of CavoraTemple Fugit
TemplesTeriThe Adventures of Bowser RPG: Journey to the Sea
The ArtifactThe Biggest Race EverThe Black Cloud
The Call of CavoraThe Cat GuidesThe Chi Jackers
The Chosen SpewThe Chosen Spew TooThe Crafty Commander
The CrescentThe Destroyer*The Eagle and the Bear
The Enemy of my EnemyThe FangsThe Great Divide
The Great Flood of the Mushroom Kingdom and the Land of ChimaThe Great StoryThe Heart of Cavora
The Hundred Year MoonThe Joy RideThe King Thing
The Legend ThiefThe Legend of ChimaThe Mammoth Royal Family
The Phoenix has LandedThe Royal Crocodile FamilyThe Royal Lion Family
The Seat of Their PlantsThe Short Road HomeThe Sixteen Realms
The Snowball EffectThe VaultThe Warrior Tribes
The Warrior WithinThe Warrior Within (book)The Wolf Camp
The Wolf PitThe World of ChimaThem's Fighting Birds
Third Time's the CharmThis May Sting a BitThrunder
Thrunder's Thunder FlyerThunderBootsThunder Bird Tribe
Tiger TribeTimber WoodsTime Crystal
TonicsTooth or ConsequencesTop Dog
TormakTormak's Shadow BlazerTormak and Li'ella
TorrentTorrexTortoise Tribe
Trial By FireTribesTricky Treasures
Triple-CHI ArmorTrunktonTunnel Cats
Twin BladeTygafyreTyracrous
Ultra CHIUltrabuildUnder Achiever
UndisUndis's Sun TrotterUneasy Alliance
Unicorn TribeUnidentified Female EagleUnleash the Power
Up and ArmedVardyVault Into the Past
VultrixVulture HQVulture Tribe
WakzWandererWarner Bros. Games Montreal
WaterTailWaveWakerWeapon Engineer
Weapon of WonderWeaponsWeapons (Chima Online)
When Chima Gets TribalWhere WolvesWild Things
WindwingWings of FireWinzar
Wipe Away a TearWizWolf Camp (UmbreonzRule101)
Wolf HQWolf Legend BeastWolf Tribe
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