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Copy of Lego/Scholastic's Official Legends of Chima Guide.

Published by Scholastic Inc., and copyright under LEGO® Group. This is the official published reference of Chima. Provided is a basic outline of the guide without spoilers and direct content. Only use as a reference source to what is available.

The purpose of this page is to provide referenced sources to the individual pages on the wiki.

Content Outline

Welcome to Chima

  • Prologue

The Legeng of Chima

  • History of Chima

What is Chi?

  • Explains the element
  • How it's used
  • Golden Chi
  • Races

The Major Tribes

Major Characters


  • Indepths of:
    • Laval's Royal Fighter
    • Lennox's Lion Attack
    • Eris's Eagle Intercepter
    • Eglor's Twin Bike
    • Equila's Ultra Striker
    • Gorzan's Gorilla Striker
    • Gragger's Command Ship
    • Crawley's Claw Ripper
    • Worriz Combat Lair
    • Wakz's Pack Tracker
    • Razar's Chi Raider
    • Razcal's Glider



  • Brief descriptions of:
  • Laval's Royal Valious Sword
  • Cragger's Vengoualize Spear
  • Razar's Thundax Chi Spear
  • Worriz's Double-fanged Chi Staff, Maulus
  • Furty's Chi Whipper
  • Gorzan's Cudellor Fist Hammer
  • Skinnet's Stynkjahak Spear

Featured Story: "Joyride"

  • Laval and Eris must to stop Cragger from using the Chi's powers

Explore Chima Interactively

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