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The Legend Beasts are ancient creatures of Chima who chose not to drink the Chi water and evolve, thus leaving them pure. They have an implied connection to Mount Cavora and were the only creatures who could restart the Chi falls after they were stopped by the Spiders and the Black Cloud. When Chima needed them most, the Legend Beasts returned to help and guard the Tribes of Chima in their battle against the Ice Hunters.


Coming into existence countless eons ago, the Skunk Legend Beasts would use the gasses emitted under the light of the Hundred Year Moon to bring life and nourishment to the barren land that would become Chima, thus making it hospitable to countless other forms of life. As a result, the now flourishing world of Chima would be populated by various species of Legend Beasts. Later, four Hunter Tribes would evolve from the Saber-Tooth, Vulture, Mammoth, and Ice Bear Legend Beasts respectively.

Lion Legend Beast

Brave and noble, the Lion beast was found in the Scorpion stronghold, and thus the last rescued. It was the first to receive armor, crafted by Lavertus. The Lion Beast only weakness before was water as it was scared and could not swim and escape the Scorpion stronghold. The Lion Beast was the first Legend Beast to appear on TV in the episode The Great Story.

Crocodile Legend Beast

It was the first one to be found, trapped by the Outland Tribes in Episode 20, For Chima! and was the second Legend Beast to receive armor by Lavertus, the first being the Lion Beast. The Crocodile Legend Beast helped Cragger find his father as a way of transportation and fighting the Dark Tribes. Eventually all the Legend beast were freed and restart the falls of Mount Cavora. It returned to Mount Cavora in the Phoenix Temple. Sometime later Eris, Laval, And Cragger found the Phoenix temple, it was one of the eight Legend Beasts that met Eris, Laval, and Cragger in the Temple. Later when Eris received Fire Chi and Laval and Cragger had to pass the Trial of Fire to get Fire Chi. The Crocodile Beast and Lion Beast were the last Legend Beast that Laval and Cragger passed as they pass the Trial. Soon not long after the Ice Hunters were reawakened and started turn all of Chima into a Icy land, later the Crocodile Beast was sent to protect the Crocodile Tribe but most of the Tribe was frozen, so there was only Cragger and Crooler to protect.

Gorilla Legend Beast

With unrivaled strength, the Gorilla beast is, as said by Gorzan, 'The Great Mellow.' The Gorilla Legend was the third beast to freed overall and the second from the Spiders.

Eagle Legend Beast

Clever and resourceful, the Eagle Legend beast was the fifth beast freed, though technically, she was never trapped, as the Scorpions stole her eggs and left them in a trap with the Bear Legend. In the webisode "Eggs-termination" at the end of the webisode, the eggs start to glow. This could be interpreted as the eggs starting to hatch, or an unknown Legend Beast related event.

Raven Legend Beast

Stealthy, the Raven beast has an obsession with shiny things, and was used by the Scorpions to steal Golden Chi from Lavertus to build a statue of the "Great Scorpion" (actually Laval). Razar used gold paint to paint the scorpions so that the Raven Beast would go after them, and that caused it to break from the scorpions mind control.

Bear Legend Beast

The Bear Legend Beast first made its first appearance in the episode The Eagle and the Bear where it was placed in a trap where a a rock was perfectly balanced, On the left side of the rock was the Eagle Beast 2 eggs and on the right side of the rock was the Bear Beast. The trap was perfectly placed that if you would save the Bear Beast the eggs would fall of and if the eggs were saved the Bear Beast would fall off. The Bear Beast is just like the other Bears, it falls asleep a lot as seen when Bladvic and the Beast got captured when trying to run, the Bear Beast also appears in the other Bears dreams when it sleeps.

Mother Wolf

Also known as the Wolf Legend Beast, the Mother Wolf is the last of its kind to have not been exposed to Chi. It was the last Legend Beast to be found and rescued. When the Wolf Tribe was born it left the Tribe and left one tooth, the Mother Tooth, it was the Wolfs most sacred relic as it was their only connection with the Mother Wolf. At some point the Mother Wolf was eventually captured by the Dark Tribes with King Crominus and was under the control of the Scorpions by their sting. Later when it was getting freed Worriz put the Mother Tooth back into its mouth and it broke free from the Scorpion mind control.

Rhino Legend Beast

The Rhino Legend Beast is an extremely powerful Legend Beast.The Rhino Legend Beast was the 3rd legend beast to be found and free from the Dark Tribes. It helped restart the falls of Mount Cavora, not much is known after it helped restart the falls but we can assume it went into the Phoenix the temple with the other Legend Beast. The Legend Beast had the ability that whenever the Rhino Legend is around the Rhino Tribe all of the Rhinos in the Tribe become smart, with the exception with Rogon's older sister Rinona.If the Rhino Beat is too far away from the Tribe or just 1 Rhino all the Rhinos will become dumb again. At the start of season 3 when Eris, Laval, and Cragger arrived at the top of Mount Cavora and found the Phoenix Temple. When they entered it was one of the eight legend Beast in the temple. All of the legend Beasts breathe fire that propelled Eris, Laval, and Cragger up the Temple. They met the Phoenix and Eris got Fire Chi and Laval, and Cragger had to pass The Trial of Fire to get Fire Chi. During the last part of the trial Laval, and Cragger used shields to block the Legend Beasts Fire breath. During season 3 the Rhino Beast was sent to protect the Rhino Tribe from the Hunters. During the time it was protecting the Rhino Tribe the Rhinos made a machine that made rocks into gold and silver.(For some reason)

Beaver Legend Beast

Skunk Legend Beast

According to ancient legends, the Skunk Legend Beasts were responsible for turning Chima from its once-desolate state to a lush jungle, as the gasses emitted by them during the Hundred Year Moon would cause flora and life to flourish immensely. Later, after the imperfect Great Illumination rained Chi waters on the land, all the Skunk Legend Beasts presumably drank it and were transformed, thus leaving no Beasts behind.

Great Scorpion

Great Spider

Bat Legend Beast

Saber-Tooth Legend Beast

A mythical Legend Beast from Sabre-Tooth lore, the Saber-Tooth Beast is the only of its kind to not have evolved. According to myth, it came across Sir Fangar, who made a vow to bring his tribe to glory. In order to seal his vow, the Saber-Tooth Beast bestowed one of its massive fangs to Fangar, who would help honor his promise by forging the tooth into his personal weapon Glacior. Later, the Saber-Tooth lost its other fang in an unknown incident, prompting Fangar to set a massive bounty on the missing relic.

Ice Storm

A mythical, ruthless Legend Beast made up in Ice Bear lore, Ice Storm is the Legend Beast of the tribe and the only one to naturally wield the innate power of Ice, Revered in the legends of Iceklaw, Ice Storm is a powerful polar bear with the ability to summon blizzards from its breath alone, completely engulfing the area in a massive tundra and overwhelming any enemies. Approaching its terrified opponents on its hind legs, Ice Storm would proceed to lay waste to any foolish enough to remain standing against him, with his fearsome tactics providing the groundwork for the Ice Bears' strategies. Despite the fantastical tales of Ice Storm, however, the creature himself never existed, being one of many legends created by the tribes in concern to their creation.


  • According to Tommy Andreasen, it's possible the Great Devourer from LEGO Ninjago is a Legend Beast.[1]


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