Or will I?
— Lavertus

Lavertus is a Lion warrior the heroes find in the Outlands, sent into exile by the tribe years before. His isolation had made him a little kooky and moody, but he's basically a good guy and a real survival expert![1]


Lavetrus The Lion Warrior

Lavertus is an exiled member of the Lion Tribe and eventually revealed to be the brother of Lagravis and Laval's uncle. Apparently, Lavertus was sent into exiled because King Crominus framed him for stealing CHI using a Persuader Plant. Crominus did this in hopes of eliminating Lavertus as a rival for the affections of Crunket, who would later give Lavertus her scarf before he went into exile.

Lavertus in Exile

Lavertus managed to build a settlement in the Outlands and created the alter ego of ShadoWind in order to return to Chima in disguise and participate in racing with Speedorz and win Golden CHI. The first time Laval met him was during a race in which Dom de la Whoosh came out of retirement. The two encountered each other again several times prior to Mount Cavora being attacked by the Outlands tribes and its flow of CHI being cut off.

When Laval and the other seven major Chima tribe champions arrived at his lair, Lavertus played the part of an addled hermit, though he surprised his visitors with his familiarity with the Legend Beasts. He allowed the group to stay in his lair but concealed his ShadoWind identity and Golden Chi from them. Eventually, he was found out and agreed to help fight the Outland Tribes after his eight visitors worked together to defeat him in a Speedor race. With his help and advice, the heroes were able to liberate six of the eight Legend Beasts. However, when the time came to rescue the Lion Legend Beast and Wolf Legend Beast, Lavertus refused to help because the enemy was also holding his old rival Crominus captive.

Lavertus was eventually able to overcome his pride and came to the aid of his nephew and the others, using his Golden Chi to help them escape. Confronting Crominus, he returned Crunket's scarf to him and explained why he was able to be so forgiving. As Crominus would later reveal, Lavertus believed that his banishment had served a purpose, as it allowed for Cragger to be born and become one of Chima's greatest heroes. Lavertus bid his young friends goodbye and asked Laval to give his regards to Lagravis before being trapped by the cave-in at the Scorpion Tribe cavern.


The Biggest Race Ever

He wins a race that was about to be won by Dom de la Woosh.

Gorillas Gone Wild

He meets Plovar, who asks to know his secret and he won't tell anyone. Plovar claims ShadoWind did tell him but made him promise not to tell, but this is unclear.


Laval watches while he attacks Cragger and some other members of the Crocodile Tribe. He later saves Laval in a race and wins the Golden Chi, and watches the riot.

The Chi Jackers

While the Wolf Tribe is stealing Chi, he gives the Golden Chi he won in the last Speedorz contest to Laval, who uses it to fix the hole in the wall of the Lion Chi Temple the Wolves made, then attacks the Wolves and distracts them so they can use it.

Crocodile Tears

Laval and Eris try desperately to seek him out when they want to save the crocodiles from being held prisoner by the wolves. Furtivo (disguised as ShadoWind) ends up helping them, with the Raven's "help". ShadoWind watches Furty do so.

Ravens vs Eagles

He leads Laval and Cragger's Speedorz race.

Laval in Exile

He shows up in the Fangs and gives Laval the Pledge of the Pack that he somehow found in the Outlands, then speeds off.

The Black Cloud

ShadoWind leads the Black Cloud into the Outlands and Laval, Eris, Cragger, Crawley and Crug follow. It is also revealed that ShadoWind did not tell Plovar his secret before.

For Chima!

He caught Laval as he was falling in a fight with Cragger and took him to the Outlands, where they find the Crocodile Legend Beast and Crunket. He then speaks the only words he had ever been known to say: "For Chima!" and then he leaves into the Outlands.

Into the Outlands

Crunket reveals that ShadoWind rescued her and had the Crocodile Legend Beast bring her to Chima before the Dark Tribes captured the other Legend Beasts. His identity, Lavertus, later meets Laval, Cragger, Eris, Rhogon, Gorzan, Bladvic, Worriz and Razar and splits them up, revealing he knows where all the Legend Beasts are and allows them to stay in his Outland Base and share his new armor. However, that night he enters his secret room which is full of Golden Chi.

Outland Base

Lavertus's Outland base is apparently made by the power of Golden Chi he had won. His base contained a Speedor course, a living room, a secret garage, and Lavertus's "locked room," where it is revealed that his CHI was kept.


Lagravis:  Lavertus is Lagravis's brother.

Laval: Lavertus shows some respect to Laval, who happens to be his nephew.

Crunket: Crunket is Lavertus' love interest.

Crominus: Crominus is Lavertus' rival.

The rest of the group: Lavertus's interactions with the rest of the group is scant, as he usually appears just to give them snacks. The only difference is Cragger, who he tends to scare and/or talk with him in an odd "did/didn't" attitude. He probably did it to joke around with Cragger.


Lavertus is a dark-skinned, blonde Llon with torn armor and clothing. Instead of the normal lion headgear, he had a black one with a white paw print on it. He is so far the only known blonde lion.


Lavertus's alternate personality is Shadowind, who he apparently takes the place of whenever he is around the tribes and not in the Outlands.  He never loses a Speedor race in Chima, which is how he has so much Golden CHI. Shadowind has a red/dark blue outfit and a helmet with the same colors but some white tusks sticking out of it.


  • Best friend: Unknown, possibly Crunket or Laval.
  • Weapon: Dual MaCHIguns
  • Personality: Neurotic, A little bit insane.


  • His quote 'Nobody's called me that name in a very long time'  may be a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi, a character from the Star Wars saga. Also, after being in exile he acts insane, similar to Yoda in the same movie trilogy.
  • Razar calls Lavertus's Outland Base a "lair".
  • Lavertus has gone a little insane from living in the Outlands for so long.
  • Lavertus has a massive stash of Golden CHI, which he won by racing as the mysterious racer ShadoWind.
  • A bit ironic is that his minifigure shows him with an angry face but in the shown, he is never shown to be angry.
  • Lavertus has a very neurotic attitude.
  • Episode 25 reveals that Lavertus wakes up in the middle of the night to talk to Queen Crunket's scarf.
  • As revealed in episode 26 'This May Sting a Bit', Lavertus is Lagravis' brother and Laval's uncle, this would make him a member of the Lion royal family and explain how he obtained the Black Valious.
  • In episode 26 'This May Sting a Bit', he is supposedly killed when he gives the 8 heroes time to escape, however, in episode 38, it's shown that he survived and managed to recover a couple of orbs of Golden Chi.


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