The Ice Bear Tribe is a Tribe of ancient Bears who were affiliated with the
Ice Bear Flag
Ice Hunters. They were deemed the most powerful and berserk tribe in all of Chima, and when a reanimated Sir Fangar resurrected the rest of the Ice Hunters, he left the Ice Bears frozen in stasis. However, he reanimated them as a last resort to the Tigers Mobile Command in the episode The Heart of Cavora.



  • Chima symbol 4!
    During season 3, the Ice Bear Tribe was a member of the "ice tribes" or "Hunters", and its members had the symbol shown left on their vehicles and clothes.
  • The Ice Bear Tribe is the second Tribe to have never spoken, the first being the Bat Tribe.
  • This Ice Hunter Tribe's species is more likely the extinct cave bear.
  • In the Concept art, there are two variations of bears shown, a white polar bear and a zombie bear. It's possible that these two bears were combined into the ice bears.
  • Because of their "Berserker" status and runic symbols on their bodies and armor, it would seem that the Ice Bears are possibly drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian Vikings.


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