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Gorilla Insignia
The Gorilla Tribe is one of the twelve animal warrior tribes in Chima. They are allies of the Lion Tribe and the Eagle Tribe. The Gorilla Tribe is the only animal tribe in Chima which had no members available in the January 2013 wave of sets - however, they made appearances in the June 2013 wave and Gorzan has made an appearance in every proceeding wave.


The Gorilla Tribe lives in large huts in a large tree, with vines suspending their mechs above the ground. It was shown in one episode that the huts seem to be edible, as Wonald was seen eating the side of a hut. The tree itself is large, with limbs over six feet wide in the higher sections. It was later confirmed that the Gorillas use the huts as food, with G'Loona explaining the idea to Flinx.


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