The Gorge of Eternal Death is a very deep gorge in Chima. All the tribes believe that there is no way out of the Gorge of Eternal Depth. It is responsible for some very important events in the story of the Legends of Chima franchise.


Cragger and Crooler's parents, King Crominus and Queen Crunket, fell into the Gorge amidst a battle. Later Worriz and Crooler throw the Pledge of the Pack inside. Laval also rescued a bag of Chi using Gorzan's clothesline as a rope. Chi later fell into the Gorge and made the Dark Tribes living inside stronger and more capable.


The Gorge of Eternal Depth starts somewhere near the Fangs and, going down, one would realize that it isn't as eternal as it seems. The Gorge is very deep, but not deep enough to kill someone if they were to fall. This is proven because Crominus and Crunket are alive after landing at the bottom. Inside, the Gorge is connected to a cave system that the Dark Tribes made as their base, connected to the Outlands.


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