Gompsy is a member of the Gorilla Tribe.


Gompsy (known as Gorilla Brawler in Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey) is a warrior and a brawler of the Gorilla Tribe. His personality is unknown, but he is usually calm and groovy like the other Gorillas.

In Gorillas Gone Wild, he meditates with Grumlo on a hill. The Tower Flower grows and he begins to feel the Great Mellow. When Cragger cuts down the flower, he joins the Gorillas (except for G'loona) on a rampage to attack the Crocs.

Later, he can be seen in the battle leading a group of Gorilla warriors after the retreating Crocodile army.


Gompsy looks like Gorzan in physical appearance, with dark blue body and light blue chest, stomach, face, and hands. He wears belts, pouches, pants, and a helmet made from a brown leathery material.

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