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“Confusion, mistrust, deception. That's my specialty!”
— Furty the Fox[1]

Furty (short for Furtivo) is a young member of the Fox Tribe.


A young orphan … VERY clever and street smart. He is his own boss, thinks of him first but always ends up doing the right thing because of a big heart. A clever little and charismatic thief.[2]

Furty the Fox is one of Chima's most cunning animals. He is said to be related to the Wolves, but he couldn't be more different from them. Furty's a loner. Orphaned at an early age, he quickly learned to take care of number one.

Despite his self-centered nature, Furty seems so innocent that he's easily able to convince others to do what he wishes. He just gives them a little nudge in the right direction... and lets them do the rest. If he's found out, he's almost always forgiven - there's something so harmless about him that the other animals just can't stay mad.[3]


  • Fighting Style: Sly like a fox
  • Hobbies: Blending into a big crowd... so he can make mischief
  • Dislikes: Getting caught making mischief



Furty's first appearance was in this episode. He steals some of the tribe's Speedorz. He then helps the wolves and Crooler steal CHI from the Lion CHI Temple's Sacred Pool of CHI, helping the wolves gain power. One example of sneakiness was when Furty helped the wolf tribe and Crooler to steal the Golden CHI . He tricked the tribes of Chima into thinking everyone are enemies and a fistfight broke out. They used this as a distraction to snatch the Golden CHI. However, Laval and Cragger found themselves fighting for the Golden CHI to be in the right hands. The lions were forced to ban any big gatherings near their city.

Crocodile Tears

Laval and Eris try desperately to seek him out when they want to save the crocodiles from being held prisoner by the wolves. Furty (disguised as Shadow Wind) ends up helping them, with the Raven's "help"

Episode Appearances


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