A player's Friends List

The Friends List is a feature in LEGO Legends of Chima Online that makes finding and interacting with befriended players easier. There is a limit to the amount of friends a player can have, but it can be expanded with membership. The friends list shows up at the bottom of the screen, showing their level, face,  and username. If a friend has membership, a their box will be in a purple border and a membership icon will appear.


To add friends, a player must click the minifigure head with a + next to it and enter in the player they wish to befriend's username. If the player accepts the request, a notification will show up on both friend's screen saying they are now friends.

Random Friends

Players can also search for friends at random at the box above the titling "Search Random Friends". When you press the button with a dice on it, the section on the right will spin "casino style" and will display 3 random users for the player to befriend.


While on a player's friend list, they can:

  • visit each others Outpost
  • join each other if active
  • boost buildings in each others outpost to fill up the Social Meter

There are also 3 other options for friends:

  • Remove a Friend
  • Block a Friend
  • Reporting a Friend

"You" Profile

The last user of the friends list is always yourself or "You". When you click on it, it shows your avatar and username instead of "You" as seen on the list. There are are different options which are listed below:

  • Requests (Shows a list of all pending Friend Requests made by other users)
  • Blocked (Shows a list of Blocked Users)
  • Multiplayer Options(Anyone, Only Friends, No one)


There is a glitch in the "Search Random Friends" section that only 1 username out of the three can be befriended where the other 2 cannot. Uniquely, they both have the same username, "Stephane" and Rank 88, a non-existant rank(the highest is Rank 20) though they might have different avatars and/or may have membership.

Anothor glitch is that you may not be able to exit out of the "Friends Finder" pop-up making it necessary to refresh the game in order to get out of it.