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The Fox Tribe is at the verge of extinction, with only 1 known member left alive.

The Fox Tribe is one of the Legends of Chima Tribes mentioned. There is only one known member, Furty, who is usually referred to as a Nomad instead of a tribe Member. They have close relations with the Wolf Tribe, as they are described as "cousins". Foxes have no known allies or enemies, however Furty has been shown to fight against those he is hired to target. 


The whereabouts and origins of the Fox Tribe (besides Furty) is unknown. Furty was orphaned at a very young age, suggesting his tribe wasn't available to look after him. The foxes are cousins with the Wolf Tribe, as they are both of canine nature. However, it is unknown whether foxes are affected by the Hundred Year Moon like the wolves and skunks. The fox tribe does not have a discovered Legend Beast.



  • Furty is the only known fox in Chima.
  • Foxes are not considered a tribe currently, instead Furty is a nomad.