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“We are the Phoenix, Ancient Clan of the Fire Wings. Guardians of Chima, and Custodians of Cavora.”
— Fluminox, A Spark of Hope

Fluminox is an elder and current leader of the Phoenix Tribe. When eight other Phoenix sacrificed themselves to ignite the Great Illumination, Fluminox stayed behind to care for his son Flinx. This decision had consequences for all of Chima. He led Eris to Mount Cavora and allied with the tribes of Chima to defend them from the Ice Hunters. He helped the eight heroes of Chima use the Fire Wings to ignite the Great Illumination and bring Chima into a new age.



Leader of the Phoenix Tribe, Fluminox is many thousands of years old. He values logic and reason over emotion, takes life very seriously, and has never been known to laugh at a joke. An extremely skilled fighter, Fluminox can defeat an opponent before his foe even knows the fight has started. He speaks in riddles and it can be extremely hard to get a straight answer out of him on any question. His two goals in life are to protect the land of Chima and to see his son, Flinx, act more like a grown-up (both of which are very difficult tasks)[1]


The Call of Cavora

Fluminox appears briefly at the end of the episode when Laval, Cragger and Eris enter the temple, saying he was expecting them.

Trial By Fire

Fluminox says he wa expecting just Eris, and introduces himself as "sovereign of the Phoenix, the ancient clan of the Fire Wings".

Fluminox then tells Laval, Cragger and Eris the Story Before the Great Story, about the rise of Sir Fangar and the Hunters, and the Great Illumination. But Eris is concerned about the return of the Hunters, and Fluminox explains that the ice that trapped them held energy from the illumination, that gave the hunters the ice powers.

Fluminox claims that they need Fire CHI to fight the hunters, and gives one to Eris. Laval and Cragger also want Fire CHI but Fluminox refuses, Tormak asks him why not let them prove themselves to him, and Fluminox states that they'll never survive the trial by fire. Cragger assures that they will pass it, and Fluminox' mind has changed and commands to commence the trial.

During the trial, Fluminox says that it's been ages since a groundborn survived the trial, but Tormak assures him that they have a brave spirit. When Eris is concerned about the test, Fluminox explains it's a test of physical skill but of honor and trust as well, and that Eris must not help them.

In the third test, Fluminox explains that one must never doubt a friend. At the end of the trial, Fluminox congratulates Laval and Cragger for passing the trial, and that they have proven worthy of the Fire CHI.

The Crescent

Eris visits Fluminox on top of Mount Cavora, hoping to get a supply of Fire CHI from him, but Fluminox claims that they can only provide Fire CHI for her, Laval and Cragger, and if they want to share it, it's alright. Eris begs him and tell him they need Fire CHI for every warrior in every tribe, but Fluminox is still cautious after the tragedy with the hunters. Eris yells back at him that it was ages ago and they desperately need Fire CHI. Tormak communicates Eris' saying to Fluminox, suggesting him to let them prove their trust to him, and Fluminox gives the tribes the task of guarding the Crescent.

Later on, Fluminox arrives at the Crescent as the phoenix temple there is revealed. He tells the eight heroes that they have proven worthy of the Fire CHI by defending the hill, and the Fire CHI will be there for them whenever they need it.

Fired Up!

Fluminox arrives at the battlefield with Tormak and his guards, to tell the heroes he has important matters to discuss, this being his son Flinx. Fluminox asks the heroes to take care his son, Flinx, help him forge his fire wings and challenge him. The heroes agree and so Fluminox puts them in charge of Flinx.

Cool and Collected

Fluminox calls Laval, Eris and Flinx for discussing urgent matters, and Eris asks him about her panther vision- Fluminox explains it is not from them.

Fluminox explains about the tunnels below Chima and lets Tormak expand on the topic. Fluminox gives the heroes the Legend Beasts to protect the tribes from Hunters' attacks.

The Snowball Effect

Eris is once again concerned about her visions and comes to Fluminox and Tormak. Fluminox explains that these visions do not come from them, but from all that is, from the past and the future, and they cannot stop them, they only awaken this power in Eris.

The King Thing

Li'Ella convinces Fluminox and Tormak to fly over to the Lion City as it's being attacked, but Fluminox isn't excited, saying it is not their fight, and Flinx will not be harmed. Tormak tell him it wouldn't hurt to take a little look, convincing Fluminox to fly over.

The Artifact

Fluminox senses and shares Tormak's pain after Li'Ella's disappearance and tells him their journey together is a long one, and that Tormak was the one to rise his spirits. Tormak says that the feeling's mutual, and Fluminox tell the story of the Great Illumination and his own failure and reminds Tormak that only alone understood his choices. But Fluminox still has his reasons and regrets, and Tormak says he would've done the same. Fluminox tells Tormak that he trusts him, and that he is his savior, healer and friend.

Later in the episode, Fluminox senses Tormak has stolen the Artifact and runs to the front of the temple. Fluminox tries to explain to Tormak that the Artifact can't be removed from Phoenix territory and that it'll protect itself, but Tormak doesn't listen and insists it's for Li'Ella and he's got no other choice. The Artifact explodes and Tormak burns into a panther and runs away. Fluminox yells him to come back but no luck.

Fluminox commands Foltrax, Firox and Frax to find the panther in the Flaming Bastion. Foltrax questions Tormak's absence, Fluminox replies that Tormak is in fact the panther and will be held accountable for his actions.

The Phoenix has Landed

Fluminox mourns over Tormak's betrayal, and Flinx tries to comfort his father. Fluminox says he hasn't cried ever since his eight Phoenix siblings were lost in the Illumination, but this time it's worse. Flinx promises him that he will capture Tormak and heal Chima, and he runs off.

As Laval, Eris and Li'Ella arrive in the Crescent, Fluminox informs them that the Hunters have captured Flinx, and he can sense his fear and loss of freedom. They fly over to the Gorge of Eternal Depth to rescue Flinx, as Fluminox senses him down there. They fly through a small hole in the ice, and soon enough reach Flinx. Fluminox hugs his son, causing a fire, and says that holding him brings him joy and regrets not hugging him sooner. As the heroes try to fly out, Fluminox continues to hug Flinx. The bastion falls to the bottom of the gorge thanks to the hunters and the heroes get stuck.

A Spark of Hope

The heroes are stuck at the bottom of the Gorge of Eternal Depth and meet Lavertus, who tells his story, at the end of it, Fluminox is skeptical that Lavertus would save them, due to his silliness. Lavertus says he didn't mean to make fun of anyone with wings, and Fluminox is offended and explains that the Phoenix are born from the sun and that they will return to it one day.

Later, Fluminox explains that things are getting worse up top and that they must break out soon. Lavertus arranges ten Golden CHIs in the shape of a smiley face and the heroes start making rock towers to push the ice upwards. Fluminox notices he and the other Phoenix have an easier time with the Golden CHI and he goes to assist Eris, telling her to let her soul take flight, her wings lit up on fire and the CHI responds quickly. The heroes manage to push the ice upwards and fly out of the gorge.

As they fly over Chima, Fluminox notices that most of Chima is Frozen and that the hunters built the ice mountain again. Back on Mount Cavora, Fluminox expresses his hopelessness about Chima's future, as the map for the eight fire wings was stolen, but Laval lifts everyone's spirits.

Wings of Fire

Fluminox only appears in the introduction of the episode, explains the events of the season, and claims that they, the Phoenix, have failed Chima.

The Heart of Cavora

Fluminox appears in Eris' vision at the Forever Rock, and tell her to search "forever", which she understands later. Meanwhile, the hunters take over Mount Cavora and Flinx expresses his worry to his father, but Fluminox smiles as he trusts Eris will help them launch the Illumination.

As the hunters break into the room where Fluminox and Flinx were in, Fluminox still trusts the Fire Wings. Flinx wants to fight, but Fluminox says they have a higher duty, to which Sir Fangar unveils the real story of the Illumination, and that Fluminox abandoned his duty as the ninth Phoenix. Fluminox confirms this but explains that he couldn't have left Flinx as a baby, and that he knows he have failed, but he was lucky to watch Flinx grow and blossom. Sir Fangar takes Fluminox' side of the story as an excuse and wants to deal with Flinx first, but Fluminox CHIs Up and fights him and all the hunters. At last they managed to pin down Fluminox, and he says to Flinx that he must be the ninth Phoenix today when the time comes. Sir Fangar threatens Flinx, but the eight heroes come in time, Flinx becomes the ninth Phoenix and launches the Illumination.

As Fluminox returns to the sun with his tribe, he gives a nod of approval to Tormak, a sad look to Flinx, looks at Cavora one last time and then descends to the sun.


  • Fluminox is the second figure to have an exclusive armor piece, the first being Scorm.
  • Fluminox is the second figure to appear in LEGO form with a robe type of legs, the first being Ewald.
  • Fluminox and the rest of the Phoenix Tribe are the only Chima animals (besides Dom de la Woosh) not to have the first letter of their name match their species, however "f" and "ph" make the same sound and all of their names' begin with "f" and end with the letter "x".
  • The main image for 70146 Flying Phoenix Fire Temple switches between his and Foltrax's headgear.
  • He and Sir Fangar are similar to Laval and Cragger, as they were former best friends, until the other got a thirst for power. Yet, unlike Laval and Cragger, Sir Fangar and Fluminox are still enemies.
  • He has a dislike of Lavertus due to his wisecracking nature, while his son Flinx enjoys his company.
  • Fluminox can CHI-up without CHI, as seen in The Heart of Cavora.


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