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“But I was just about to find my Spark!”
— Flinx

Flinx is a member of the Phoenix Tribe and received a minifigure in the summer of 2014. He also appears as a major character in Legends of Chima Season 3.



Although he’s been around for thousands of years, Flinx still acts like a kid, and that’s how he likes it. Despite efforts by his father, Fluminox, to get him to grow up and accomplish something, Flinx is happy to just hang out and have fun. Flinx is notorious for not finishing anything he starts, from big projects to tying his shoes. Part of the problem is that he already knows he is one of the most powerful beings around, and he doesn’t want to deal with the responsibility of that. Fluminox and Laval hope to help Flinx “find his spark.”[1]


Trial By Fire

Flinx's first appearance, he tricks Laval and Cragger to jump into flames to "save him" in the second test of the trial. Flinx claims that the test was Fluminox's idea and the joke part was his. Flinx shows the heroes the next test of their trial. At the end of the trial Flinx roasts and eats marshmallows from the flame Laval and Cragger formed.

The Crescent

Flinx is seen playing with a ball when Eris disccusses the Fire CHI supply with Fluminox and Tormak.

Fired Up!

To be added


  • Flinx is the second child to appear in the sets, and the third to appear in the show.
  • Flinx can control and put out fire, as seen in Trial By Fire.
  • Flinx shares a name with an enemy from Terraria, the Snow Flinx.
  • Flinx's role in the series is similar to another LEGO series character, Lloyd Garmadon; Both are children (Lloyd was originally a young boy) who are destined to free their world of an ancient evil (for Lloyd this was Overlord, while for Flinx this was Fangar), both also gain in the end a large creature that they ride upon (for Lloyd this was the Golden Dragon, while for Flinx this was the 9th Phoenix). Likewise, both of their ages don't match their appearance, with Flinx actually being thousands of years old and Lloyd being far younger than his appearance indicates.


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