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Fire Lion

Fire Lion.png

Personal Information
Name Fire Lion
Other Name(s) Lion Mech
Owner(s) Laval
Vehicle Type All-Terrain
Built By Lion Tribe
Built For Laval
Abilities/Used For Battering Ram
First Product 70144 Laval's Fire Lion

With its all-terrain treads, quad-rocket pod and roaring engine, Laval’s Fire Lion is already a mighty force on the battlefields of CHIMA. But when things get really tough, Laval fires it up with Chi#Fire_CHI to transform it into a towering, treaded lion-mech that can smash and claw its way through any frozen obstacles – or Ice Tribe vehicles – that dare to stand in its way.

See Also

For the set, see 70144 Laval's Fire Lion


  • Laval got the Fire Lion as a gift from his father.
  • Despite it being said that it's a common design, the Fire Lion never appeared before episode 28, leading to some canon confusion, but it does have a similar tread setup to the lion tank, so there is some truth in that statement.